10 Tips for Planning A Seamless Outdoor Wedding


Wow it’s been a while. I do apologize! We have been crazy here as of late with so many fall weddings. However, it lead to the inspiration for this post.

With so many outdoor fall weddings – btw so beautiful to our brides – our brides have been coming in quite stressed! Because we form a relationship with our brides we can read it all over their faces or they come into our store looking to vent. We get it – it’s a very stressful time, you’re tired or planning, answering phone calls, and just want the day to get here so you can start your happily ever after. You want every detail to be perfect, every mason jar in its perfect place, every bow tied perfectly, the tiniest of details executed as you imagined and you deserve it, but I’m gonna help you find ways to not want to rip your hair out….. That wouldn’t be cute before the wedding.

1. Upcycle – What do I mean? Yes DIY is insanely popular and you want things to be custom, totally understand. However, lots of people are doing rustic chic weddings look online or in local groups, you can cut down some of your DIY with someone who has already done it.

2. Vendor – This is key, what is your vendor willing to do for you? Are they going to set up and take down? Yes, you may have to do a once over, but it eliminates a lot of set up at a crucial time. Are getting married at your, your family’s, or friends property? That’s not problem, since they own if you have ample time before hand to set up (by ample I mean a couple of days).

3. Vision Sharing – Share your dreams and visions with someone. Mom? Sister? MOH? Someone needs to understand what you want (preferably someone not in your wedding party) to help with the stress of setting up and ensuring everything is executed to your liking.

4. Delivery – I know when planning a wedding everyone has a budget, however some companies charge very little for delivery of cakes, flowers etc and they really are a life saver! Sometimes it is seriously worth every dime paying someone to store and then deliver their product.

5. Lighting – Plan for lighting, if it’s outside in the grass, make sure your guests know where the exits are and there are not large pot holes etc on the way there – people need to be able to see.

6. Permit Planning – A lot of venues require permits, even if it is on your own property and you ARE SELLING alcohol.These can take weeks to acquire – so just prepare for the permits you might require.

7. Location Selection – Some outdoor spaces although there may not be a “cost” to rent the facility it is common courtesy to leave a donation, look into these so there are no surprises.

8. Bug Proof – A lot of outdoor weddings can struggle with bugs (ants, bees, spiders) anticipate the bugs! Whether it be covers for food, citronella candles, make sure there is no contamination for your guests. Additionally, be cautious of the food you are serving in the hot summer days, this can also attract more bugs than necessary.

9. Choosing the “Right” Food – Because this event is outdoors, it could be exceptionally hot! This makes it difficult to moderate food temperatures etc., basically what I’m saying is maybe don’t leave cheese sitting out in the hot summer sun at cocktail hour.. A caution also against buttercream as it becomes super runny with it heats up!

10. Ice, Ice Baby – Ice is your best friend for keeping desserts, apps, and drinks cool and fresh for your guests. So make ice a priority.

Happy planning lovely’s!



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Ever Wonder Why Your Man Isn’t Interested in the Wedding Process? Read This.


Sorry for the delay in this post! We have our first guest writer… my husband.. I kind of sprung this on him the other day and he said something like…. I have to do what??? He loves me so he does it. Be kind people.

So, are you getting frustrated with your man? Wonder why he’s not even close to as interested in the wedding as you? Read this blog, straight from the finger tips of a man.


Ever wonder why your man doesn’t seem to care about wedding decisions? Short answer? Because he just doesn’t. I say this as politely as possible.  He hasn’t been planning this day since he was a little boy. These decisions simply don’t interest him. Yes it’s both of your big day and he should have a say in it all, however, there are many decisions that he is simply neutral about. Wedding colours, types of flowers, what the cake looks like, just to name a few. He isn’t trying to be rude or mean and it certainly doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about getting married. Think of the last time you went to the mall with your man. Did he jump for joy picking our new clothes?  The last time I went to the mall with my wife I followed her around while she excitedly picked outfits to try on and searched for sales. What was I most excited about? The clothing store we were in had a nice little bench beside the change rooms! To a lot of men, wedding talk and wedding decisions feel a lot like going to the mall. 

We have very small attention spans and actual decision-making takes a lot out of us. That’s not an opinion, that’s science. We work all day using this small quantity of focus and the last thing we want is to come home and attempt to conjure up more. We want to get married to you and yes we will enjoy the day, but do we care if the centerpieces have hydrangeas, or that the chair cover ribbons are dusty rose? These are words we’ve never even heard of before! Before I got married, there were only 7 colors in the world. Now that I think about it, there still are only 7. So when we nod our heads lethargically when asked if the table cloths can be ivory, we aren’t going to notice if you change them to gold.

I’m not saying we don’t ever want to talk wedding. However, other than the suit, the venue and a handful of other decisions, we just don’t have the same passion for the process as you. And that’s okay! Trust me at the end of the day what we really care about is leaving at the end of the night with that ring on our finger next to our beautiful bride.


There you have it folks! They love you and trust in the decisions you make is what I take away from this post. I know he loved our day but I think some of the things at the wedding were a surprise to him because I think as I was telling him he was absentmindedly nodding and that’s ok, I still love him ;).


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10 Common Mistakes Made When Planning Your Wedding

It is so easy to get wrapped up in your wedding planning and forget some crucial details. So I’ve prepared a short list to try to keep you on track. While there can be so many things you can miss these are just some of the more common oversights. It is hugely helpful to create a list of to-do’s thing’s you need to pick up etc., because then you can show your list to multiple people to see if they think you might have missed something – just a helpful hint. Also my personal favourite tool is WunderList.

Also excuse the lack of imagery to this post. I’m not sure why but wordpress isn’t loving me today. I will update it soon to add more jazz – it’s driving me nuts!

1) Budget = Blown. – It is quite easy to say ah well it’s just $20, it’s just $50 etc., etc., …. those small amounts add up and add up quite quickly. Use wedding planning apps to help you budget accordingly and input ALL yes ALL of your spending. You need to know how much your wedding cost.. even though you might not want to look at the final number.

2) Hungry Photographer – While this is an etiquette thing, it is only kind that you feed your photographer, they have a long day too and are running around to make sure everything is perfect… feed them.

3) Don’t DIY Everything – While some things are totally more cost efficient to DIY, not everything is, do your research. This is also super stressful if you have to take time off work to DIY, it is probably not cost efficient. The dollarstore is a hidden gem – seriously.

4) Seating Chart – While no it may not be fun to plan your seating chart out – it’s not fun – don’t leave it to the last minute, this is stressful! You don’t need extra stress right before the wedding.

5) Wandering Eye – Stop it, stop it right now. Your wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses are perfect! Stop it, stop it, stop it. Now is not the time to second guess your decisions. Stop looking, you don’t have a wandering eye with your fiancé, don’t do it with your dresses.

6) Challenging goals – Yes I understand everyone wants to feel their most beautiful on your wedding day – as you should! But keep your goals realistic, if you want to lose some weight, tone up, etc… you are beautiful the way you are! I know it is hard to remember that, it’s in our nature to never be happy with ourselves, but try to tell yourself you are perfect, amazing, and beautiful as you are!

7) One Man Show – You are not a one man show, for starters you have a partner, so there are at least two of you. Spread the work out, friends, family, wedding party members. You want everything to be perfect, yes, but you can’t do everything alone and shouldn’t. This is supposed to be an awesome experience, share it with your loved ones!

8) Keep Yourself in Line – While there are some thing’s to cry about, there are others you need to let go… There are no reason for tears over the wrong place cards or people not responding as quickly as you want.. Keep yourself in line, have someone close to you who can tell you to smarten up.

9) Tardiness – there are some things you can’t do until the last minute, obtaining your marriage license shouldn’t be one of them. #truth – you need that…

10) Disregarding Timelines – Research how long it takes for wedding gowns to arrive (6-8 months) if you want to order, bridesmaid dresses (3-4 months) Mother dresses (3-6 months) ordering takes time, so allot for it.

Once wordpress smartens up I will attach a downloadable PDF document from our website on tips and timelines.

So just a few common wedding mistakes people sometimes forget in the midst of their planning. HAPPY PLANNING! Keep cool, calm, and collected.


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20 Things I Wish I Knew Before My Wedding


Weddings are amazing – there are no if ands or buts about that. But what there are questions and groans about are the many things you don’t know before you delve into your wedding planning. We get brides all the time that say, I wish I would have known that before I started planning, so I thought let’s make a list! Through a combination of personal experience from all of us at the store and from clients here is our we wish we would of known list!

1) How much weddings cost – Although cost is hugely dictated by a bunch of factors (number of people, open bar or not, level of extravagance etc) you truly never realize how much everything costs until you have to open up your wallet…. They are not inexpensive. Although this may not seem shocking, you will be shocked how much things cost.

2) Guest List – SUPER TRICKY! The question is always where do you draw the line, maybe you aren’t close with one side of the family or you don’t want children from one side. Regardless the guest list, it is rarely ever easy. You want if possible both sides to be represented fairly equally, this can be challenging if one of you has a huge family. How many friends do you invite? Do you want more friends than family? Be prepared this can be a doozy.

3) Wedding consumption – It is so overwhelming when all anyone really wants to talk to you about is the wedding. It completely swallows your life, make sure you make time to do anything and everything outside of the wedding. You need that time together. If you find yourself getting annoyed with people constantly asking, just kindly say I’m a bit wedding’ed out, can we chat about the wedding later.

4) Uniqueness – If you find yourself being one of the last ones of family or friends getting married or you are just looking for something unique IT’S HARD! With Pinterest and blogs and everything else at your fingertips it is costly, time consuming, and challenging to be super unique.

5) Decisions – Oh goodness gracious this is where we want the most help. Every single thing requires a decision. What do you want for food? Where do you get your make up done? What is our budget again? I don’t like those flowers, can we get these ones? What time should our ceremony be? The list is truly never ending. I wish someone would have warned me about all the decisions that never seem to end. You are still making decisions on your wedding day – it literally never ends, sorry for the bas news.

6) Timing – Calculating the timing for your wedding can be quite a challenge. When do you start your ceremony (what kind of ceremony is it, civil? catholic? greek orthodox?) When can your guests check into their accommodations? You need two hours for pictures and if you want to mingle in cocktail hour. When do you want to eat dinner, how many courses is it and speeches? When will the reception start? Really, really, think about the flow of your days events.

7) Pictures – In order to get ample amount of quality shots (its not easy to smile that long, even though it is the best day ever) you need about two hours, especially if you want extended family shots. Sometimes depending on if you prefer the more traditional approach or are good with mixing it up you can take photos before the ceremony so you can have cocktail hour with your guests or just take a few photos instead of all of them. Additionally, research ALL of the photos you want and give your photographer a list.. you did pay for it.

8) Don’t Sweat It – Although you have worked super hard to make everything go seamlessly, your guests don’t know all the intricate details of your wedding don’t sweat if something doesn’t pan out! It will still be the best day ever and makes the day that much more memorable.

9) Weather – When having an outdoor wedding you are praying to the rain gods for no rain but you forget to pray for reasonable temperatures, instead of 36 degree weather. So pray for perfection 😉

10) Invites – Those devils are expensive! Postage is also insanely expensive, especially when you have to pay return postage as well. So what did I do, I made email invitations. I printed out hard copies for grandparents and parents, but there are so many free online tools to create online invitations – huge cost saver! However, some key information to place on your invites are: Dress code, Children or no Children, Open Bar or not.

11) Wedding Party Gifts – If you ask any of us we will say without hesitation you need to buy your wedding party members a gift. We know weddings are pricey but your wedding party between (bachelor/ette parties, attire, showers, gift, makeup, hair, nails etc) they have spent a lot of money to stand next to you on your big day and they deserve a huge thank you for all their time and effort to make this day one of your best days!

12) Time Flies – I know everyone will tell you how fast your day goes but seriously listen. You will blink and it is over! You are on such an adrenaline high, so excited with so many emotions you just fly through the day. Try to take a moment for you and your significant other – really take every moment in.

13) The Importance of Food and Water – I know you are wearing a beautiful dress and don’t want to spill anything on it or risk getting bloated but you seriously need to eat something and drink lots of water. The day takes a lot out of you and before you know it, you could be drinking too many wobbly pops or feeling light headed.

14) Thank Everyone – People travel sometimes from far and wide to be a part of your special day, make sure you thank all of your guests! It is only courteous!

15) Family Before Business – A word of caution is to leery of hiring friends or family for your wedding. You are friends and family first. Remember that. They may give you a better price but sanity and good standing relationships are invaluable.

16) Music Matters – Having people loving life on the dance floor all night makes a wedding. This is also your day, so you don’t want to hear certain things, tell them! You want your guests to dance the night away, so give them the music to do it!

17) Rehearsal Dinner – While yes this can be crucial to have everyone meet and mingle (because realistically some of your wedding party may not know each other) be careful of the time you are having it. There are lots of things to do that day and its next to impossible to remain on time – sorry just being realistic! So choose the time of dinner carefully, there is no rush, take a deep breath.

18) The Power of ‘NO’ – You are allowed to say no. Let’s practice. No… Noooooooo. Negative. Non. Nay. Nein. Ne. Ingen. Nem. Look you’re getting the hang of it. There are times for compromise, yes’s and NO’s. Know your boundaries.

19) Choose Your Wedding Party Carefully – Cannot emphasize this one enough!! Choose people who love you unconditionally, who will bend over backwards for you, who will not think selfishly, who always have YOUR best interests in order. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, sometimes this doesn’t mean family.

20) Forever Starts After Your Wedding Day – If you ask a lot of married people we answer the same. I love them more now than the day I married them. Choosing your life partner is a big deal, its someone who makes you a better person, who knows how to make you smile in the worst of times, who spending a day at work away from is too long, who if they are by your side anything is possible.

Just some things to keep in mind when preparing and planning for your big day. This day is about you and your significant other and your love for each other. It’s gathering a group of people for a celebration, so sit back and enjoy the experience!



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What if it Rains on your Outdoor Wedding Day?


I’m so sorry to my faithful readers that I have slacked the past week over not putting out a blog post! I will do two this week. We had a super busy week at the store re-branding and putting the final touches on some aspects (stay tuned). No excuse though, so I will make up for it!

So you’ve decided to have an outdoor wedding – fantastic! – but.. what happens if it rains? You know when you choose to have an outdoor you roll the die in regards to weather, it could be blistering hot, cold, rainy, or absolutely perfect! But you know all this, you’ve decided on an outdoor wedding anyways! So what do you do if it rains?

First off, I know this is completely not ideal or what you wanted but you have to have a plan B, C, and D. You are no the weather man and no matter how many rain prevention dances you do, it won’t help if it is going to rain on your day. Albeit rain isn’t ideal, if you’re traditional it is supposed to be good luck and you will still be married to your significant other at the end of the day. However, here are some ideas to calm your nerves if it were to rain.

1. Does your venue have a back up plan already in place? Almost all venues have a backup plan for a rainy day. If not, do you have a tent for your reception? This is the next alternative if there isn’t a building to have your ceremony in.

2. Wait it Out – Not on a super tight timeline, wait out the weather. Often times in the summer the rain doesn’t last, so just wait it out! If you are able to give your guests a beverage while you push back the ceremony 20 minutes all the better.

3. Umbrellas – While this one is the most unmanageable, buy umbrellas, see if anyone can get them at wholesale cost for you, or the dollarstore. This will make for super cute photos and still allows you to have your ceremony outdoors.

4. Do it Anyways – If it’s a light rain and you want to proceed, DO IT. Everyone will do whatever you want, it’s your day, you make the call.

5. Alternate Location – While I’m sure you chose to have the ceremony where you did for a reason, is there an alternate location that could suffice as a back up (if the venue doesn’t have a back up and you do not wish to get married under a tent). Is there a family property, church, hall?

6. Canopy – Can you bring a canopy (tarp) as a back up and string it somehow above the ceremony space and peg it into the ground. There are lots of options for this one if you desperately want your wedding outdoors and the rain isn’t going to let up.

While it is never fun to have to alter your plans, we have to be flexible. Nothing is ever perfect, this is what makes life memorable. Just be prepared, don’t leave things to the last minute.



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