10 Common Mistakes Made When Planning Your Wedding

It is so easy to get wrapped up in your wedding planning and forget some crucial details. So I’ve prepared a short list to try to keep you on track. While there can be so many things you can miss these are just some of the more common oversights. It is hugely helpful to create a list of to-do’s thing’s you need to pick up etc., because then you can show your list to multiple people to see if they think you might have missed something – just a helpful hint. Also my personal favourite tool is WunderList.

Also excuse the lack of imagery to this post. I’m not sure why but wordpress isn’t loving me today. I will update it soon to add more jazz – it’s driving me nuts!

1) Budget = Blown. – It is quite easy to say ah well it’s just $20, it’s just $50 etc., etc., …. those small amounts add up and add up quite quickly. Use wedding planning apps to help you budget accordingly and input ALL yes ALL of your spending. You need to know how much your wedding cost.. even though you might not want to look at the final number.

2) Hungry Photographer – While this is an etiquette thing, it is only kind that you feed your photographer, they have a long day too and are running around to make sure everything is perfect… feed them.

3) Don’t DIY Everything – While some things are totally more cost efficient to DIY, not everything is, do your research. This is also super stressful if you have to take time off work to DIY, it is probably not cost efficient. The dollarstore is a hidden gem – seriously.

4) Seating Chart – While no it may not be fun to plan your seating chart out – it’s not fun – don’t leave it to the last minute, this is stressful! You don’t need extra stress right before the wedding.

5) Wandering Eye – Stop it, stop it right now. Your wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses are perfect! Stop it, stop it, stop it. Now is not the time to second guess your decisions. Stop looking, you don’t have a wandering eye with your fiancé, don’t do it with your dresses.

6) Challenging goals – Yes I understand everyone wants to feel their most beautiful on your wedding day – as you should! But keep your goals realistic, if you want to lose some weight, tone up, etc… you are beautiful the way you are! I know it is hard to remember that, it’s in our nature to never be happy with ourselves, but try to tell yourself you are perfect, amazing, and beautiful as you are!

7) One Man Show – You are not a one man show, for starters you have a partner, so there are at least two of you. Spread the work out, friends, family, wedding party members. You want everything to be perfect, yes, but you can’t do everything alone and shouldn’t. This is supposed to be an awesome experience, share it with your loved ones!

8) Keep Yourself in Line – While there are some thing’s to cry about, there are others you need to let go… There are no reason for tears over the wrong place cards or people not responding as quickly as you want.. Keep yourself in line, have someone close to you who can tell you to smarten up.

9) Tardiness – there are some things you can’t do until the last minute, obtaining your marriage license shouldn’t be one of them. #truth – you need that…

10) Disregarding Timelines – Research how long it takes for wedding gowns to arrive (6-8 months) if you want to order, bridesmaid dresses (3-4 months) Mother dresses (3-6 months) ordering takes time, so allot for it.

Once wordpress smartens up I will attach a downloadable PDF document from our website on tips and timelines.

So just a few common wedding mistakes people sometimes forget in the midst of their planning. HAPPY PLANNING! Keep cool, calm, and collected.


Urban Diamond White

Insta: Bridal_Creations
Tweet tweet: @bridal_creation


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