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Andd… I’M BACK! After a little while away we are taking our place back on our blog. What better way to start than the trends of 2017 – but don’t you worry we have plenty more in store for you for 2018 and what we’re seeing, hearing, and purchasing!

Let’s get down to business! What trends have we seen in 2017?

  1. Greenery!
     We have seen so much beautiful greenery! Instead of tons of flowers on the tables, in bouquets, and as decoration we have seen it replaced with tons of lush greenery! It really is clean, simple, elegant and cost effective! We just couldn’t get enough of it!
    wedding greenery
  2. Make Your Own Bouquets
    While some people may find this stressful to build their own bridesmaid or wedding bouquet once you get into it, it’s really quite fun! I mean sure they may not look professional but they are personal and unique for everyone in the party! It’s a really fun bonding idea for the girls the night before the wedding – as long as the bride isn’t stressed to the nines! Are you daring enough to buy some greenery and maybe some flowers and build your own bouquets?


3. Coloured Glassware
Okay, this one might have been in 2016 too but it really took to new heights in 2017. Green, blue, yellow, black purple were all too beautiful on the tables in weddings this season. I mean a little pop of colour in your glassware goes a long way for creating a custom, memorable wedding look!

coloured glassware wedding

4. Black
I mean everyone knows black is classic but it’s making a comeback in weddings as a fourth or even fifth accent colour. Black adds drama, sophistication and just a bit of sexy.

hints of black wedding cake

5. Pastels 
Again, while pastels may have been around in 2016 the designers really started to vamp up their collections with new pastel colours in 2017. Brides started to demand less contrasting colours between themselves and their girls and it resulted in beautiful new blushes, dusty roses, taupes, silvers, mauves, and slate blues. This has lead to some truly beautiful multiple coloured dresses in wedding parties.

pastel wedding party

6. Mismatch Suits 
This can’t be all about the lady trends we need to consider men’s trends too! The forever changing unwritten rules of wedding guidelines are forever fluid and for a great reason! Men’s solid suits are being broken where a suit jacket is worn with khaki’s or a different colour dress pant. I mean why not? You would wear that to someone else’s wedding or to work so why not on a wedding day?

pastel wedding party

7. Outdoor Weddings
Yes, they are still hugely popular and for obvious reasons they rock! Some things, of course, are unpredictable but as Brittany Snow said in John Tucker Must Die “I always like a little risk”.

outdoor wedding blog image

8. Evening Ceremonies
More and more are weddings going from being a full day affair to an evening soiree where the ‘ceremony’ starts at 6 or 6:30pm and really is just a giant party! That doesn’t sound so shabby except for maybe that aunt and uncle who would prefer the more traditional approach. But hey they had their day and everyone is entitled to what they have dreamed about. And comeeee onnnn talk about dreamy photos and ambiance.

evening ceremony

9. Traditions
Gone are the days where party favours are the norm and in are the days where the bride and groom have a small 20 minute or less ceremony where all their guests have a beverage in hand. More and more people are opting for the less formal wedding functions and making it more a celebration with friends. I mean we can speculate all day long about why this might be but as long as people are happy and getting married that’s all that matters 🙂

drink in hand wedding

10. No Wedding Party
This one may come as a shock to people but more and more are the bride and groom opting to stand up in front of their loved ones alone. Being in a wedding party is a lot of money and time. Some brides and grooms don’t want to put the pressure on their friends and family and simply opt not to have a wedding party. We see both sides!

bride and groom no wedding psrty


Well that’s all for this article! Can’t wait to keep sharing our thoughts and insights on all thing’s wedding!

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