5 Musts For Your Wedding Invitation RSVP




We’re back for another post on wedding guidelines! Not to say that there are set rules, well that might depend on your cultural upbringing, every family and family member have a different set of expectations.

Mailed Invitations 

  1. Include return postage.. yes I know they are like $1.25/stamp so that’s $2.50/invitation sent out.. so like an average wedding of 150 people, maybe 75 invitations that $187.50 in postage. I know it may seem silly but we nice to your guests, the little things!
  2. Clarity .. I don’t know how many invitations I have seen where you can’t even read them. Yes, light blue and gold insanely difficult to read, especially for people who are older or have corrective vision. Make it easy for them, they can still be insanely beautiful but clear!
  3. Something of personality – Whether it’s a song request, candy request or whatever show off some personality as a couple – a reality is some people at your wedding may not know you very well!
  4. Dietary Needs – it’s shocking how many people forget to ask about dietary needs! Don’t worry lactose intolerants we will forget you a little less now! Oh, and of course vegetarian & vegan folks too!
  5. Your return address… yes, yes, I am saying this, please remember couples to put your return address on the RSVP.

For the tech-savvy couple 

For the couples who have opted for email RSVP, wedding website RSVP or an app RSVP my advice to you is be very clear what you want your guests to do.

Email Invite – specifically tell them “please reply to this email to confirm your RSVP”, or direct them to a wedding website to RSVP

Wedding Website – This is the bit of both couple where they have probably sent out a hard copy invitation but ask you to fill out the RSVP online.. because let’s be honest people lose their invitations and it’s nice to have a reference point for people to refer back to.

An App – You’re above my wedding knowledge. Coutos!


Weddings don’t have to be complicated, you just need to be decisive, clear and flexible really it’s simple! I know I know, call me when your guests won’t respond and you’re about ready to pick up the phone and call them and give them a piece of your mind.. don’t do that!



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