11 Duties a Best Man Needs to do for The Grooms Big day

11 Duties of a best man

We often talk about what the maid of honour must do on the brides big day but what about the best man? This day isn’t just about the bride it is just as special to the groom and their relationship going forward. So, let’s get real… what does the best man need to do for the groom on the most important day of his life?

11 Musts for the Best Man on the Day of the Wedding

  1. Hold those precious metal things: Yes, we’re talking about the rings, not only will the best man have their wedding bands but the engagement ring as well! Don’t lose those, I think you might have a very unhappy bride and groom.
  2. Tissues: I think it’s for the best that the best man is packing tissues! Some bride and groom don’t cry and that is completely fine, I don’t think you even know if you will until you are in the moment.
  3. Alcohol: Whether or not the groom wants a shot or a drink before he says I do, I think it’s always best to have some, just in case – don’t let him get drunk though, that’s on you!
  4. Corsages: This happened at my own wedding – LOL – where the guy’s almost forgot to put on their corsages, so make sure you have the flower things, or fish hook, bullet casing, feathers etc. Just try to remember them.
  5. An epic bachelor party – while this happens beforehand, just make sure you have done something awesome for him! No, this isn’t your day make sure you are doing what he wants to do.
  6. Keep the other dudes in line: Sometimes the guy’s don’t want to go pick up their suits, tuxes, or try them on – make sure they get them, have all the pieces and that they tried them on, no one likes a poorly fitted suit or tux.
  7. Keep it cool: Cool as a cucumber is the name of the game, something isn’t going as planned, no problem, take charge and keep everyone calm. Sometimes this can be done with beer or champagne.
  8. A great speech: While this is a huge day for your as well, we aren’t discounting that, your friend is getting married, try to keep it together until your speech is over. You are required to make a nice, thought-out speech, without slurring your words or falling over at the podium.
  9. Get the party started: Bust out your moves, it’s time to hit the dancefloor and get the party started. So, we see on signs, don’t normally dance, sure you do – vodka!
  10. Pick-Ups: Any last minute pick-ups on the day of the wedding, champagne, flowers, cake, suits, breakfast – that’s on you, Mr. Helpful is your first name today!
  11. Enjoy!: It’s not every day one of your best friends gets married.

Enjoy brides & grooms, the best mans got it!


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