Ever Wonder Why Your Man Isn’t Interested in the Wedding Process? Read This.


Sorry for the delay in this post! We have our first guest writer… my husband.. I kind of sprung this on him the other day and he said something like…. I have to do what??? He loves me so he does it. Be kind people.

So, are you getting frustrated with your man? Wonder why he’s not even close to as interested in the wedding as you? Read this blog, straight from the finger tips of a man.


Ever wonder why your man doesn’t seem to care about wedding decisions? Short answer? Because he just doesn’t. I say this as politely as possible.  He hasn’t been planning this day since he was a little boy. These decisions simply don’t interest him. Yes it’s both of your big day and he should have a say in it all, however, there are many decisions that he is simply neutral about. Wedding colours, types of flowers, what the cake looks like, just to name a few. He isn’t trying to be rude or mean and it certainly doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about getting married. Think of the last time you went to the mall with your man. Did he jump for joy picking our new clothes?  The last time I went to the mall with my wife I followed her around while she excitedly picked outfits to try on and searched for sales. What was I most excited about? The clothing store we were in had a nice little bench beside the change rooms! To a lot of men, wedding talk and wedding decisions feel a lot like going to the mall. 

We have very small attention spans and actual decision-making takes a lot out of us. That’s not an opinion, that’s science. We work all day using this small quantity of focus and the last thing we want is to come home and attempt to conjure up more. We want to get married to you and yes we will enjoy the day, but do we care if the centerpieces have hydrangeas, or that the chair cover ribbons are dusty rose? These are words we’ve never even heard of before! Before I got married, there were only 7 colors in the world. Now that I think about it, there still are only 7. So when we nod our heads lethargically when asked if the table cloths can be ivory, we aren’t going to notice if you change them to gold.

I’m not saying we don’t ever want to talk wedding. However, other than the suit, the venue and a handful of other decisions, we just don’t have the same passion for the process as you. And that’s okay! Trust me at the end of the day what we really care about is leaving at the end of the night with that ring on our finger next to our beautiful bride.


There you have it folks! They love you and trust in the decisions you make is what I take away from this post. I know he loved our day but I think some of the things at the wedding were a surprise to him because I think as I was telling him he was absentmindedly nodding and that’s ok, I still love him ;).


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