5 Items a Bride Needs on her Wedding Day


Well this week on the blog you get two posts! For the first time on urbandiamondwhite you are getting a guest writer and a male opinion. Be kind to him. In lieu of the two posts and the emphasis being on his post – I have no idea what he is writing so this should be fun hahah – today’s is short and sweet.

There are certain things a bride needs on her wedding day, some of them are for a code red emergency, others are to keep it spicy, and some just overall good things to have.

1. Emergency Kit (this one is important!) – Every bride, bridesmaid & mom need an emergency kit. What should it possess let me tell you. And go….. thread (ivory) and needle, hook and eye, drysol, lip chap, tide to go, bobby pins, hair elastic, safety pins, oil wipes, perfume, two way tape, mints.

2. Sexy Change – It’s probably best if you have something sexy for later. There is nothing wrong with a change up, often times you don’t need a bra in your wedding gown so might as well have an outfit change 😉

3. Champagne – Every bride needs a glass of champagne before the ‘I Do’. It’s one last celebration with your bridesmaids and mom right before you become a Mrs.

4. Love Note – A love note from your significant other is one of the most calming and exciting things to get on your wedding day.

5. Extra Make-Up – I highly suggest waterproof make-up on your wedding day, not only for the tears but sweat as well. However, if you choose not to go with waterproof make-up bring extra make-up. I’m going to say this one more time… bring extra make-up. You might need it to touch up etc., just be prepared.

As I mentioned above… short and sweet today and let’s brace ourselves for what our guest writer has to say!






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