What if it Rains on your Outdoor Wedding Day?


I’m so sorry to my faithful readers that I have slacked the past week over not putting out a blog post! I will do two this week. We had a super busy week at the store re-branding and putting the final touches on some aspects (stay tuned). No excuse though, so I will make up for it!

So you’ve decided to have an outdoor wedding – fantastic! – but.. what happens if it rains? You know when you choose to have an outdoor you roll the die in regards to weather, it could be blistering hot, cold, rainy, or absolutely perfect! But you know all this, you’ve decided on an outdoor wedding anyways! So what do you do if it rains?

First off, I know this is completely not ideal or what you wanted but you have to have a plan B, C, and D. You are no the weather man and no matter how many rain prevention dances you do, it won’t help if it is going to rain on your day. Albeit rain isn’t ideal, if you’re traditional it is supposed to be good luck and you will still be married to your significant other at the end of the day. However, here are some ideas to calm your nerves if it were to rain.

1. Does your venue have a back up plan already in place? Almost all venues have a backup plan for a rainy day. If not, do you have a tent for your reception? This is the next alternative if there isn’t a building to have your ceremony in.

2. Wait it Out – Not on a super tight timeline, wait out the weather. Often times in the summer the rain doesn’t last, so just wait it out! If you are able to give your guests a beverage while you push back the ceremony 20 minutes all the better.

3. Umbrellas – While this one is the most unmanageable, buy umbrellas, see if anyone can get them at wholesale cost for you, or the dollarstore. This will make for super cute photos and still allows you to have your ceremony outdoors.

4. Do it Anyways – If it’s a light rain and you want to proceed, DO IT. Everyone will do whatever you want, it’s your day, you make the call.

5. Alternate Location – While I’m sure you chose to have the ceremony where you did for a reason, is there an alternate location that could suffice as a back up (if the venue doesn’t have a back up and you do not wish to get married under a tent). Is there a family property, church, hall?

6. Canopy – Can you bring a canopy (tarp) as a back up and string it somehow above the ceremony space and peg it into the ground. There are lots of options for this one if you desperately want your wedding outdoors and the rain isn’t going to let up.

While it is never fun to have to alter your plans, we have to be flexible. Nothing is ever perfect, this is what makes life memorable. Just be prepared, don’t leave things to the last minute.



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