20 Duties of a Maid of Honour


I can’t believe this post hasn’t come to me sooner! There are so many decisions to be made when planning your wedding but some things you shouldn’t have to worry about! That’s exactly what your maid of honour is for. From the moment you accept being Maid of Honour you automatically get signed up for a list of duties.

Being the first or one of the first one of your friends to get married is always a bit more tough. People aren’t sure what they are doing yet, what exactly they should be planning or helping with, so to all the brides, bridesmaids and maid of honours – I’m here to help! While every bride expects different things from you, here are some concrete duties you need to be doing.

1. Bachelorette Party – Girls this one is on you. The bride in no way shape or form should be planning her bachelorette party. You know the bride, do something she wants to do, but you plan it.

2. Bachelorette Party Theme etc – The bride should not have to bring anything, you want a sash for her, bring it. She wants a champagne bar? You organize it and get all the goods.. See my theme? She has enough to worry about.. You plan it.

3. Bridal Shower – Yes mom and mother in law are probably going to have a bridal shower for you, but what about one with all your friends? Girls this one is on you again, maybe friends are from different circle, coordinate, plan, and execute – I know you can do it! πŸ™‚

4. Night of Room for Bride and Groom – Almost every single hotel will let the wedding party into the bride and grooms room (except one time I knew someone who put a goat in their room… so inhumane)… however, decorate it.. this is a super special day, let’s see the entire day through.

5. Hold the brides necessities – This includes the bachelorette party and wedding, she shouldn’t have to worry about her stuff, where is it, who has it, you take control and watch over her things.

6. Hydration – Make sure you are bringing the bride water, its an exhausting day, we don’t want anything over heating.

7. Checklist – Get a checklist from the bride of anything you need on the day of.. she is going to be so excited and nervous, she may not be remembering everything! So make sure you know everything that is needed and ensure it is all checked off.

8. Speech – Yes, yes I know, not everyone likes public speaking but you are going to suck it up on this day for her. Here is a fact: the maid of honour speech is almost always the worst… So let’s spice it up, I know you share a lot of inside jokes but share the ones everyone will understand.

9. Alterations – While you aren’t doing the alterations (if you are I commend you, that is a super tough skill to acquire) you need to know how to bustle her gown properly and if she has inner corsets etc., basically you need to be her personal dresser.

10. Tolerate – At one point or another the bride is going to get a little wild.. by a little it could be a little or a lot…. you need to be her rock, keep calm, distract her, give her wine… whatever it takes to calm her down

11. Thank you’s – At showers and if you are present when the wedding gifts are being opened, make sure to keep a list of the gifts received so the bride and groom can give a proper thank you.

12. Boss Lady – On the day of don’t bother the bride (unless it’s something MAJOR) make the decisions be the point person. She has enough to worry about and shouldn’t have her phone.

13. Foodie, Food, Food – Make sure to casually shove food in her face (not literally) I know no one wants to get bloated etc etc but the brides gotta eat – so ensure she does!

14. Patrol Duty – While you won’t know everyone at the wedding, keep your eye out for unwarranted guests or obscenely intoxicated patrons.

15. Errands – Yes even on the day of your wedding you will most likely be doing errands and spending money… it’s a sick world we live in. They need to get champagne, pick up the flowers, try to gather another bridesmaid or groomsmen and go check the errands off the list. Better yet get the groomsmen to do it πŸ˜‰

16. Smile – Smile, smile, smile. Have fun. Don’t stress.

17. Jack and Gill – Yes more planning. While this one isn’t completely on you, you do need to help plan the Jack and Gill and get some prizes and party favours.

18. Reception Dancing Shoes – It is your due diligence to get people up on the dance floor, while some weddings you don’t need to push people, some you do – this is your job!

19. Gifts – Help transport the gifts if necessary to the bride and grooms home.

20. Clean Up – One of your last duties, clean up! While some weddings this may not be required depending on location and services provided, some it will be! After this is done, you have minimal duties left!


Although this seems like a lot of work… and it is don’t get me wrong, it shouldn’t seem like a daunting task, you hopefully are doing this for a best friend, sister, or both and they would do the same for you.

Want to see a particular blog post, just comment and I will do my best!!



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