6 Truths About Your Wedding Night

Wedding night

I’m sorry grandma in advance…. But the reality of today is most couples have done the deed far prior to their wedding night – who are we kidding grandma isn’t reading this. So we have some truths and some tips on how to create a memorable wedding night.

1. It’s not the the movies – Let’s be real here… you were sweating all day from the nerves and being hot (the dress is a sauna) so by the end of the night you don’t look or feel as fantastic as the beginning of the day – but hey you’re MARRIED!

2. Statistics – 75% of couples do not consummate their marriage on their wedding night… it’s an exhausting day but NO excuse.

3. JUST DO IT – you are hot, sweating, tired so don’t shower, because the moment you shower you will be all comfy and won’t want to ‘get down’ so just do it.

4. You will make up for it – the honeymoon is the perfect place for redemption because your wedding night probably won’t be like you imagined it. Here you are rested, you have a pina colada, wine, or beer in hand and are ready to be close to your partner.

5. Buy pretty things – by pretty things I mean bra, underwear, any lingerie it just makes you feel AWESOME and you think ‘I need to show this off, my partner is going to LOVE IT’.

6. Be you – your partner married you for you, so don’t be afraid to be your quirky self, that is what is most sexy.

Enjoy your wedding night, the bliss, the laughter, the tear, the shear happiness, and the action of from Miss to Mrs. And if you don’t do the ‘deed’ know that you are not alone.

Be realistic. Be you.



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