15 Fantastic Wedding Registry Gifts for Couples Who Already Live Together



Let’s be honest here. Most couples live together before they are married or engaged. No judgement either way here – I lived with my husband before we were married. It’s just simply a reality of the world we live in today, we want to know all the little quirks of your significant other and see if you find them cute, tolerable, or repulsive. The honest truth is sometimes once you live together things change, which is why people want to live under the same roof before they say “I do”. In turn, this often means the couple has a lot of the typical wedding registry gifts and that’s awesome. Like my husband and I you probably have some family members who don’t want to give you money they want to buy you a gift – take advantage of this!

1. A pepper mill – A great pepper mill is about $90. Spending $90 on a pepper mill can sometimes be difficult with your own money but having someone else buy it for you is less painful. Guests like to give you this gift as well because you will have it for close to a lifetime! Having fresh ground pepper is awesome remarkably more enjoyable.

2. New plate set – Maybe you are still using the stuff you combined together from College/University etc., and they are still fine but take this opportunity to get really fantastic plates and cutlery.

3. Go Pro – Whether you hike, ski, skydive, go on trips, family gatherings a Go Pro is an amazing gift! The quality is phenomenal, its waterproof (aka kid friendly) has a long lasting battery, I could go on forever…. They are awesome, it’s that simple. Replaces the need for a camera.

4. Wine of the month – This is one of the best gifts to receive. If you don’t like wine there is also a beer of the month or a million other things of the month. This is the gift that just keeps giving and is super fun to get! On your anniversary each month receive a red and white bottle. LOVE IT.

5. Spa weekend – After the wedding you WILL be exhausted. Give the gift of a spa weekend or package for the bride and groom to relax. Massages, manicure, pedicure, tapas, the grand ordeal it will be much needed pampering.

6. Honeymoon adventure – Find you where the couple is going on their honeymoon and get them an excursion or a private candlelight dinner etc., – they will love it! Nothing better than some bonding time on your honeymoon!

7. Date night box – Whether you know the couple super well or not, put together a date night box. For example, gift certificate to a restaurant, movie passes or amusement park, bottle of wine, maybe some high quality glasses, a pizza stone, a beautiful frame for a wedding picture, the list is endless! Put a personal touch on it for them!

8. Wine Tour – Depending on how well you know the couple we had some friends give us a wine tour and a gift certificate to a winery. For us this was a fantastic gift that we are beyond excited to use. Think about the little things with them, can you think of something awesome they would want to do!

9. Funky ‘dishware’ – Something the couple would use and is completely unique. Maybe a fun salad bowl, salad tongs, serving spoons, maybe something they wouldn’t use every day but that makes a statement.

10. Art – This one again depends on how well you know the couple but a piece of art work that reminds the couple of who they received the gift from but that works in their house.

11. Blanket – A cozy blanket the couple will enjoy together, whilst enjoying a night in together. Something that functions as a talking piece, piece of art, and practical use.

12. Wine & Beer glasses – Really awesome wine and beer glasses aren’t cheap but they are amazing to have. Whether you drink or not for your guests sipping out of nice wine glasses or scotch glasses is the perfect experience! Decanters also add a nice art piece to your living space!

13. Mixer – The KitchenAid mixer although you do not use this every day they are phenomenal to have! Super awesome gift to give and receive, you can do so many things with it and if this couple likes to bake then it is an absolute must have!

14. Personalized gift – This can be a pillow, wine bottles, sign, photos anything you want! The bride and groom will cherish there special day for a lifetime and it is nice to have a reminder of the happiness of their big day!

15. Bedding – Take this opportunity to get really lovely bedding. A great set of sheets aren’t inexpensive and they make a world of a difference in the comfort of your sleep! Also a new duvet and or comforter set as a newly married couple is a nice fresh start!


The Bay is an awesome place for a registry and they give you deals a year after your wedding date – aka amazinggggg! They also have everything you need in one store (for the most part) it’s also easy to use online and there are a lot of stores and most everyone has heard of it!

All in all those are my take on awesome wedding gift ideas besides the infamous “cash is king”. Cash is really wonderful to receive but it is nice to have a couple gifts especially things you wouldn’t ordinarily purchase for yourself. Hope you found this helpful! 🙂



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