5 MUSTS to Put on your Wedding Invitation


What should you put on your wedding invitation… good question. Wedding invitations are tricky, but you want your guests to have all the information they need. Wedding websites have become increasingly popular, however, not all of your guests will go to the website – which leaves you needing to place all of the information on your invitation. But what should you include and not include? Now I think this is a question worth answering. Before I go further if you are mailing your invitations ALWAYS have an RSVP with return postage ALWAYS.

1. Date, Time, Location (address) – While yes this should be absolutely standard on every single invitation (unless it’s some ultra fun where the couple are flying you somewhere privately for a ceremony – movie star style – you lucky duck getting invited to that! you MUST include where the ceremony is taking place if the dinner reception is at an alternate location, the time of the ceremony and dinner, and the DATE.

2. Dress code – Guests need to know how they should be dressing to attend your special occasion. There is nothing worse than guests feeling like they are under or over dressed – greatly impacts their time at the wedding. **if you are having an outdoor wedding, tell people to choose their footwear accordingly – at least if you warned them you did your due diligence.

3. Registry – While there is huge controversy over whether or not to ask for cash directly on your invitation, if you are registered somewhere please place this information on the invitation. If you are only looking to receive cash because maybe you live together already and have all you need, maybe come up with a clever maybe something like…. or have your wedding party, parents, or siblings spread the word!

We’ve lived together for quite a while,
With all our pots and pans,
And as we don’t need homely gifts,
We have another plan!
We know it’s not traditional,
But it’s easier that’s for sure,
To have no wedding list at all,
Your attendance means much more!
For those of you who do insist,
We have a savings pot,
A small gift to add to this,
Would really mean a lot!

Don’t get me wrong you can ask for this but some people will always give gifts! In the end it’s the people who surround you on your big day that matters.

4. Bar -This is the one I didn’t know! I apologize to my guests… but I’ve since been told to place the semantics about your bar situation (open, cash, toonie, donation etc.,). I guess it is something people care about when attending a wedding 😉 haha and it is nice to know in advance.

5. Children Or?? – It is absolutely a necessity to inform guests if children are permitted at the wedding. People need to know if they need to make alternate arrangements.


1. Parents Names – Some couples choose to include their parents names on the invitation “Rosa Smith daughter of John and Debbie Smith…” or John and Debbie Smith are overjoyed to invite to you their Daughter Rosa Smith’s wedding” etc., etc., there are million ways to do it!

2. Wedding Tagline  – Maybe you have a common wedding line throughout your wedding for example the most recent one I’ve came across is “We’re happiest when we’re together”

3. Second Marriage – Maybe the names of children (if there are children involved)

4. Brunch – Sometimes there are brunches the following day or something where the bride and groom or families will get together.. this is great information to place on the invitation. However, you don’t have to, there could be an email or phone call etc., but if you wanted this could placed on an invitation.

I find a lot of times you get an overall vibe to the wedding based on the invitation. So look carefully at the subtleties you aren’t necessarily saying.. Ensure they align with the wedding you are creating. These are just to name a few necessities for invitations.

Happy planning!



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