6 Practical Hairstyles for Outdoor Weddings

There are a lot of factors and considerations that go into an outdoor wedding. You have to understand and accept you can’t control the weather and have a backup plan. It may rain, it may be scorching hot, it may be buggy, it may be muggy, it may be perfect regardless the outcome this is what you signed up for. However, there are some facets your CAN control. The one I wanna talk about today is your hair! Your hair is a vital part to your image the day of your wedding and you want to make sure it is on point. I would even say have a back up plan for your hair… if it is going to be scorching hot perhaps change your hair accordingly. FACT: most hair dressers WILL NOT give you loose curls if you’re the bride and having a 3:00pm outdoor ceremony. WHY? IT’S HOT, you sweat, you’re nervous – it is outdoors. This is their best publicity, this is their brand, their image, on you – understandable right? So let’s get to it!

1. Braided up do – Who doesn’t love a braid? This beautiful curled up do allows you to have a super romantic look but also feel at ease that your hair is going to fabulous all night.

Braided up do

2. Messy up do – This hair style is all too beautiful. It allows you to add some volume to your hair (this is awesome in my mind because i have super thin straight hair) all while keeping it simple with no fuss.

Messy up do

3. Perfect for the scorcher – This hair style will be flawless from the time your hairstylist finishes your hair until the night is over. This messy, but organized bun is pure perfection.

Perfect for the scorcher

4. For the Romantic – So timeless, so beautiful. Perfect for the soft, elegant, and romantic bride. With your hair out of face and off your neck this hairstyle will keep you looking fresh from day to night.

romantic hair

5. For the love of flowers – Whether you are on a white sandy beach, a church, or a backyard, flowers are all too pretty. Flowers are a nice replacement if you don’t want bling in your hair but want a little something, something. This up do screams an easy going, laid back bride.

braided up do 2

6. Alternative – If you would like to veer away from an up do, there is a solution. A braid. A beautiful loose braid with flowers is the perfect alternative and solution.

braid and flowers

Although there are millions and millions of wedding hairstyles out there. Keep in mind your daily logistics, it is outside, and we do not know what the weather will bring. Half up half down hairstyle are also beautiful but they are hot on your neck and your curls can get disorganized and fall – although they are totally beautiful! In the end be true to your style, but be practical.


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Information Your Guests WANT To Know!

wedding-guest Information

This is a good one. I was recently at a wedding and we had some questions left unanswered before we departed for the wedding. While every bride and groom is super busy leading up to your wedding your guests need some information in regards to your big day. It’s super important to guests!

1. Gifts – As much as we don’t want to admit this, it is fact. Your wedding gift amount depends on how well you know someone, if there is an open bar, what the meal is etc., The old rule of thumb was cover your plate, hate to tell you people this is so out of date. Your wedding gift if going to the entire event should be between $125 – $150 per person! This is where it gets tricky, if you are going to just the reception it becomes very difficult. Why? Because you don’t know what’s going on, if there isn’t an open bar, and no snack it’s difficult to ask a lot of people. In the end you are asking people to join you on your special day and it will be up to your discretion.

2. Alcohol – Inform people on invitations or word of mouth whether or not it is a cash bar or open bar. This is nice for guests to know simply because they may have to bring enough cash to have a couple drinks. While weddings are expensive they are also expensive for your guests (gift, travel, hotel, attire) so open bars are nice for them not to have to pay on top of everything else!

3. Attire – Put a dress code on your invitation. Girls do this all the time texting and calling each other to see what each other are wearing – we do this for a reason! We never want to feel over dress or under dresses NEVER under dressed. So at least if your group of girls and you dress the same you can be over or under dressed together. But let’s eliminate the confusion and just put the dress code right on the invitation.

4. Food – Although I believe this to be optional to share some people love to know what they are eating at your wedding and the late night snack. However, this is more word of mouth travel. BUT you must put if anyone has any food allergies etc to please notify the bride and groom and have a space for comments on the return postage.

5. Adults Only? – Guests with children will want to know if they are permitted at the entire wedding or the ceremony only. This allows parents ample time to make arrangements if necessary.


While these may seem like no-brainers to the bride and groom they aren’t in your head so make sure you convey your thoughts and plans to your guests. This alleviates unnecessary stress for your guests trying to purchase gifts, pick something to wear, and what to bring. Be kind to your guests, they are attending your big day! Keep them in the know :).



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10 Wedding Do Nots.



It is easy to get wrapped up in the whirl win of your wedding but there are some major don’ts!! In the end like most everything in life decisions comes down to money. While a wedding can be expensive some of the decisions do not have any monetary value, they are simply etiquette. It is inevitable that you will offend or step on someone’s toes by some wedding decisions and that is completely understandable. However, there are some standard rule of thumbs.

1. Invites – If you send a save the date you MUST send an invitation to all of those who received a save the date. If you are sending invitations by mail please ensure you have all the postage covered.

2. Surpress Bridezilla! – I know you want everything to be perfect but keep your expectations realistic. You’re stressed, anxious, nervous, excited, everyone understands but try to keep yourself in check for your fiance, parents, and bridal party!

3. Wedding Registry –  Keep it classy and don’t put your registry information on your invitations. Just ensure your family and wedding party know where you are registered and people will gravitate to asking them regardless.

4. No ‘Cheaping’ out – The people in your wedding party spend a lot of money to stand beside you on your big day. Between dress/suit, gift, shower gifts, hotel, hair/makeup etc.. this is a very expensive day for them! In the end it is a great gesture to give them a nice thank you!

5. Alcohol – While most people say an open bar is a must, it can be extremely pricey and not everyone can pay for an open bar especially if you have 200 + people! However, most places will allow you to compensate the cost of drinks so maybe a only $2 instead, or the bride and groom will pay the tab up to $2500 and after that people pay. There are a lot of different options to help contribute to the bar.

6. Thank-Yous! – Be puntual in your thank yous. Do not wait a year, 3 months maximum.

7. Your makeup – while some people are super awesome with makeup and hair this is a super important day and you want your makeup to look just as beautiful as when it was finished as when the night wraps up and the only sure fire way to do that is to get it professionally done! Waterproof, sweat proof, rain proof is your BFF <3.

8. Music – it is probably super tempting to save the $700 and make your own playlist and play it from a laptop, phone, or computer don’t do it! A DJ plays the best combination of music suited for all of your guests (within reason) you can also do song requests then! Trust me I’ve been to lots of weddings that have done both and DJ’s are the best!!!

9. Cut Social Media – On your day live in the now with your head level and not looking at your screen! This is super important you don’t need the update people on your day – the interwebs can wait!

10. FOOD – Do not forget to eat throughout the day and drink lots of water!! Speaking as someone who got heat stroke from their wedding day, please have people constantly giving you water bottles – especially if it is an outdoor wedding! Keep your energy and mood elevated 🙂


There you have it! 10 don’ts for your wedding!



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