What Type of Wedding Gown Will You Wear?

There are so many types of wedding gowns out there, but how do you know which one is the quote unquote ‘right’ one for your body? Firstly, whatever dress makes you feel the most beautiful is the right dress for you. Although online resources (Pinterest etc.,) allow you to get an idea of the styles you like and the fabric of a dress you might like…. proceed with caution. Try to keep an open mind as this happens all the time, once you try a certain style you have been fixated on you realize wow this isn’t my style, or I didn’t picture it looking like this on me or it is exactly what you wanted! If it’s not this can be a huge hurdle to overcome since you have been fixated on a certain dress or style for some time now. Never fret though as this happens hundreds of times a day! Now onto determining your dream wedding gown style 🙂

A-line gowns – A classic look! Every single person will look fantastic in an a-line its tight to your natural waistline (where you bend) and has a small flare from there.

A-line WG

Ball Gown – Also a super flattering look! The bigger the bottom the more your teeny tiny waist is accentuated. Although some people find ball gowns to be a lot of skirt (which they are) however, you only plan on getting married once and they really do make you feel like a bride!

Ball gown WG

Drop Waist – Are when they fit to about 2 inches below your hip bones so it shows a bit more of your figure but not quite as much as a mermaid. A drop waistline does not limit your mobility so you can dance the night away in full comfort.

Drop Waist WG

Sheath – Is when there is NO crinoline in the dress (the crinkly stuff under the lining). This kind of dress is light and airy and hangs on your body. They are more often than not tight at the waistline and simply flow on the bottom. Great for the bride who does not want a lot of fabric or fuss with her dress – they are extremely comfortable.

Sheath WG

Mermaid – Are very fitted dresses to about your knees. You have less range of motion but are so beautiful for the bride who wants to show off her curves. If you do not want your hips to be noticed a mermaid gown isn’t the style for you. Additionally, they do have crinoline in them because if you were to remove the crinoline you would lose the hourglass shape.

Mermaid WG


Most wedding gowns fall into one of the above categories. A few tips to remember when trying wedding dresses on. The train can be completely removed however, they are sooo beautiful walking down the aisle and for pictures and once that is done it can be bustled! What is bustled? Bustling a dress is when you have hooks or buttons camouflaged at the back of your dress so that the train gets lifted to all the same length – so no one steps on it! Secondly, often times brides want to remove some crinoline. While this can easily be done it takes away from the shape of the dress. The crinoline is there to accentuate your curves by creating an illusion of a fuller skirt when this is removed you really do lose the effect and if this is something you want no problem! But if you like your shape in the dress think twice about removing the crinoline.  Hopefully, this can shed some light on some wedding gown styles! Comment any questions, concerns and feedback!



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Cost Saving Wedding Tips

wedding savings

As you may be learning or have come to realize weddings can be very expensive! No matter how intimate or big your wedding may be it is still quite costly. I have prepared a list of ways in which you can cut some of the costs for your wedding (reasonable and effective ways unlike most of the “Pinterest pins”). I can personally vouch for a lot of these cost saving tips because I used them in my own wedding 🙂

1) Don’t mail invitations – It is perfectly acceptable to email invitations. How? Piktochart and other online tools are amazing for creating your very own CUSTOM invitation and best of all IT’S FREE! Most people check their email at least once a day and it is so simple for them to just click “reply”. If you would like to print a couple for Mom and Dad, Grandma & Grandpa etc just go to Staples, Office Depot, UPS and they can cut and print your custom invites that you created! (Savings is about 5$/invite). You could do the same for your Thank-yous for wedding showers and wedding gifts.

2) Don’t do wedding favours – If you would like to do a wedding favour for the table then just make some cookies and put them in a clear bag with some ribbon, both a treat either before, during or after dinner and a USABLE thank you! (Savings from 2-5$/guest). People forget or never use the favour again and they will not be missed but the cookies (or other goodie) are a great alternative!

3) Don’t make wedding programs – Save the trees! Instead of wedding programs that most people don’t read, make announcements about the proceeding events and put on your invitation the timing of your day, make sure your wedding party/parents/siblings know the order of the day so they can remind your guests. (Savings $1/guest)

4) Table Cards – While table cards are completely necessary make them yourself. The dollarstore also has nice plain and simple ones you can jazz up with pearls etc also from the dollarstore. You can get 40 place setting cards for a $1.50 (savings approx $1.25/guest). There are a million Youtube videos featuring “how to’s” on calligraphy!

5) Bring your own centrepieces – I am a firm believer in REAL flowers they can be costly. I also believe in supporting florists because they do a beautiful job and keep them refrigerated for you etc., however, to save some money bring your own vases, mason jars etc! The dollarstore again is the perfect place to find great vases or mason jars for $1.25. (Savings varies on the number of arrangements but around $400).

6) Your cake – SHOP AROUND. A cake can be quite costly which is crazy because I can buy a box of cake mix for a $1 while I realize the quality is completely different the ingredients are comparable. Cupcakes can also be a great option with a small cake on top for you and your significant other to cut! A variety of sizes of cupcakes looks both visually awesome and it allows for people who simply want a small piece for good luck or to satisfy their desire for dessert to have a bit without any waste. (Savings approx. 250$)

7) Alcohol/Bar – Alcohol can be a costly part of a wedding. Bottling your own wine can bring the cost down to about $2.50/bottle, however, you can also buy pails of wine which bring you down to about $1.50/bottle. This is a significant savings when it comes to alcohol. Also consider your venue choice. Some venues will allow you to bring in your own alcohol and you simply pay for their bartenders this can save an astronomical amount. (Savings approx. $1000-4000).

8) Venue – Depending on your desires for a venue if you can have the reception or the entire event on a family or friends property, you can either save the money or spend it on other areas. (Savings range from $2000 – 6000)

9) Bit of both idea – If you were really looking to cut down the costs of your wedding do this idea! Have a very intimate wedding on perhaps the Friday night with the dinner (maybe at a restaurant with a private room) etc., but then on the following night have a reception with all of your friends and family and simply have a late night affair. This way you wear your dress twice and still get to celebrate with all of your loved ones! (Savings approx. $10,000)

These are just some ideas to keep in mind when preparing for your big day. In the end you want to be extremely happy but not break the bank! These are all super practical and easy ways to cut some of the cost out of your big day without breaking too much tradition 🙂



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Dress Misconception

Dress Styles


I see dress misconception and confusion on a daily basis. Dress misconception is when a you have an idea of what might look good on your body type for reasons you have more or less fabricated in your mind. So I have taken some of the most common misconceptions and explained them.

1) Rouching on dresses is too much material – This couldn’t be further from the truth. Rouching around the waistline is one of the most flattering elements on a dress, it really cinches in your waistline and accentuates the smallest part on your body.

2) Sweetheart necklines don’t work on busty women – False. If you’re not paying for a custom dress to be made to your exact measurements then you are ordering to your biggest measurement (bust, waist, hips). This means if your bust is your largest measurement and everyone wants a sweetheart neckline then the store will order the dress to fit your bust size. You then will need alterations to fit the dress to the rest of your body – this happens every day and it is no problem! Don’t let this misconception fool you!

3) Dress colour – Just because you don’t normally wear that colour doesn’t mean it isn’t flattering on you. Just because you are pale, tanned, olive skin etc. doesn’t mean a colour is going to be horrific! Try it on if it’s available, have an open mind….

4) Empire waistlines make me look pregnant or are for pregnant women – This has to be one of the most frustrating statements to hear as a consultant. I don’t care what shape or size you are an empire waistline is the most ‘flowy’ dress you can buy. Yes are they suitable for pregnant women, definitely, as there is room for their growing bellies but this doesn’t mean it isn’t suitable for everyone else! They are very elegant and move with your body.

5) Chiffon is an old person fabric – Chiffon is the furthest thing from an older person fabric. It moves with your body, is breathable unlike satin, and is very feminine. If that’s for old people I guess I’m a 90 year old grandma.

6) I have to wear a white wedding dress – While for some people I realize the white dress may be symbolic or for religious reasons and that is completely understandable. However, for those of you who just say it for the sake of saying it, have you tried on a white wedding dress? It is very stark on your skin. Often times dresses come in diamond white, or ivory and people think they are white until you put them beside a white wedding dress, just think about it.

7) A coloured wedding dress isn’t bridal – Incorrect. A wedding dress can be anything you want it to be. Yes are they typically white, ivory etc. yes they are. In turn, that does not mean the dress must be a variation of white. In the end as long as you are with the one you love and are married that is all that matters and if you want to wear black or blush, champagne, purple because that is what makes you feel best, then go for it!

8) I will only look good in this style – No. There are a multitude of very flattering styles. While it is nice to have an idea what you want, be open to trying on a variety of styles. Sometimes what you imaged and what you see in the mirror are two very different things. Be open to it, this is completely normal, we will always make sure you feel at your very best and are completely in love.

9) Everyone has to be the same – No all your bridesmaid do not have to have the same dress and colour. Does everyone have the same body, same skin complexion, same hair colour? Be mindful of your bridesmaid, while most of them will wear whatever you want them to wear when they feel beautiful and confident it WILL show in your pictures. It is completely trendy to have the same colour and different styles. It is just as trendy to have different dresses or the same dress in different hues (alfred angelo gives you the best option with colours).

10) I want the bridesmaid dresses to match my dress – this is I think the most common misconception. Almost every single bridesmaid dress is going to look fantastic with a wedding gown. They do not have to have the same top, the same fabric, anything and it will match. Why? Because it does. Your wedding gown is strapless and a sweetheart and the girls are in a v-neck with straps – looks beautiful, there is no rule.

11) Mother of the Bride/Groom can’t wear black – Yes you can. While this may have been a ‘no no’ 25 years ago, times have changed. If you feel comfortable in black that is all that matters, there is no bad luck with mother’s wearing black or not wishing the couple well. Black is COMPLETELY NORMAL.

Hopefully some of these misconceptions have been addressed there are hundreds more but I’m just trying to tackle the biggest ones!



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Peanut Gallery

Your peanut gallery a.k.a the people you bring with you to your bridal appointment.


Peanut Gallery

When we say we’ve seen it all – we really have. Wedding party hijacking appointments, mothers trying to relive their wedding day (glory days?), best friends and siblings jealous of the bride, people who disregard the bride’s vision …. everything….

When selecting the people to bring to try on wedding dresses tread carefully. Make sure you have people with you who want your experience to be positive and will create that environment for you. There is nothing worse than cat fights in a bridal boutique, save the drama for another day.

They always say you can’t pick family.

I’ve created a small list of things you should keep in mind for your bridal appointment.

  1. People who are open minded – you want friends and family who just want to see you light up with joy!
  2. People who are positive – You want trying on wedding dresses to be a happy memorable experience. You need people who are willing to see what you want and put their own preferences behind them and truly hone in on what you would like for YOUR special day.
  3. Number of people – Don’t bring too many people, there will be a lot of opinions and it is near impossible to please everyone and drama WILL happen. A good number is 2-3 over that you are asking for trouble sometimes.
  4. Honesty – while honesty is valued when looking for your perfect wedding gown, there is a point in which it can be hurtful and you want people who know the boundaries, but also know you and what you’re looking for.

A great consultant will always be in your corner and fight for what you want and will be willing to stand up for you and remind your peanut gallery that it is your day! However, there are only so many ways to say keep your opinions to yourself “politely”…..

I know this may seem unthinkable BUT if you and your mom do not see eye to eye and have tried on dresses with her before and its just not working out… don’t bring her…. Most times you always want to please your mom and this day is no different but if you are getting stressed and the process isn’t enjoyable then it’s not worth it! Bring people who make you feel great and excited! At the end of the day your mom will think you look stunning in the dress you choose. You do not want to look back at your wedding photos and say “I wish I would have chose the dress I loved”. This is a huge part of your life and is often times dreamt about since childhood and it should be everything you want & more!


Tread softly because you tread on my dreams” – William Butler Yeats



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Comfortable in Your own Skin <3



On your wedding day one of the main goals is to look and feel beautiful. You need to feel comfortable in your own skin. Nine out of ten women every day look in the mirror and find a “flaw” in themselves. This is a horrifying statistic – that I am so00 guilty of! I have to constantly remind myself to have a positive body image- we’re only human, we break down sometimes. However, when my wedding day rolled around I felt so beautiful, there was nothing I would have changed about myself, the day, the dress – anything! That’s the beauty of the perfect dress you exude beauty and confidence! But the next week I find myself second guessing my body image – we are so hard on ourselves and I believe a grave part of the reason is social media! Social media is both an amazing resource and reallllly negative one all at the same time – we are constantly comparing ourselves to others and their perceived lives and its exhausting. We need to remember that people mainly post a highlight reel of their lives – we don’t know what is real and what is fabricated. People never post about the good, the bad, the ugly, and even the uglier and we need to stop wishing we were somewhere or someone else. Easier said than done I realize that. A start is to stop obsessing over Instagram and Pinterest photos and just focus on the moment your living.

We are in control of our emotions, thoughts, and negativity and we have the ability to change our thought process. 

Back to wedding thoughts…….

Your wedding dress needs to make you feel like you are the most beautiful bride – BECAUSE YOU ARE, no matter your shape, size, height, race, or gender. Your dress needs to be a reflection of who you are and want you want others to see on your special day. If you want to be a princess, then do it! Sophisticated, then do it! A goddess, then do it! Nothing makes us more upset than when a brides peanut gallery isn’t setting aside their feelings and really focussing on the brides reaction and desires. What absolutely breaks our heart is when a bride is so unhappy with their appearance, we believe the perfect dress can shed away all of your doubts and worries. Only you need to love your dress and everyone else will see what you feel – your fiancĂ© is going to LOVE and melt over anything you wear – let’s be honest. Don’t let anyone (your parents, friends, siblings, consultants) try to sway you another direction, it is what YOU and only YOU feel beautiful in – they aren’t wearing your dress, well they better not be! Unless it’s that adorable picture on Pinterest where the cute little flower girl is in your wedding dress cause my heart is melting right now. A great consultant will always be in your corner and will do everything to make sure you feel phenomenal.

You are beautiful the way you are and you don’t need to change for anyone. If you want change, you change for you and you alone. The truly amazing part is you found a partner who picks you up when you’re down, hugs you when you need reassurance, and looks at you the same way whether you are sitting on the couch in sweats or all dolled up for date night! Your partner’s love for you will evoke self confidence in you that you didn’t know you had.

Self confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it!” – Unknown author


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The Men in our Life, Suit? Tux? What’s the Difference?


It is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of your wedding and in your own dress problems – but you can’t forget about the guys! Although some men may appear as though they do not care about what they will be wearing on the big day – they do. They may say “oh just tell me the time and place and give me my clothes to wear” but they care. As soon as you tell them what you are thinking they will pipe up either to agree or dispute your idea. There are so many options you can go with for men, it is nothing like it was even 10 years ago there are so many style and colours to choose from – thank goodness. An important thing to remember is when you look at these pictures in 25 years from now you want to love what you wore just as much, it may be out of style but you still want to think “did I ever love my suit, tux, or dress”. Nowadays people are tending to go with suits rather than tuxes, however, there is no right or wrong answer. In fact do you know the difference between a tux or a suit?

A suit is more ‘casual’ I say casual in quotation because they can be very formal! Tuxedo’s generally have a higher thread count and have satin on the lapels, buttons, pocket trim, and a stripe down the side of your pant leg.

People are more often than not buying suits rather than renting tuxedo’s and this is completely logical – rent it for one day or keep it until it fits ;). While I completely agree this is a great option, keep in mind the quality of your suit – you don’t want to buy a low quality one and only get the one or two uses out of it when you could have rented a tux and had phenomenal quality – yes you can tell the difference. Also keep in mind your groomsman party, who are they? Do they need a suit on a regular or occasional basis?

However, recently we have seen the huge trend of rustic weddings. Sometimes all that is required is a vest, pants, tie and maybe a lapel pin/boutineer. This has significantly cut the for groomsmen! However, remember you can rent vests – just in case you don’t have a second occasion for that camo or electric blue vest.

I realize I may constantly be asking you to think through all of these decisions but this is a super special day for you and your significant other, whether it be the first, second, or third time, it never gets any less special. So remember don’t forget the men in your lives needs!

For your Bridal & Groom needs and inspiration check us out!


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A Rose is a Rose is a Rose….. Is a Rose



Flowers can be a crucial part of any wedding. While I realize not everyone can see the value in flowers on their big day – I’m going to fight for their awesomeness. Flowers can be expensive, however, the beauty of florists is you tell them the amount of money you have to work with and they will do what they can for your budget – they are one of the only people you will meet in your wedding process where you tell them what you have and they make something happen!

1. If you are having a rustic wedding REAL flowers are hugely apart of the theme. Silk flowers do not offer the same aroma that real flowers do and as silly as it may seem the aroma is a huge part of the rustic feel.

2. A chic wedding needs real flowers. It is next to impossible to have a super chic, sexy, glamorous wedding without the effects of real flowers. Here it is about the feel, the appeal, the aesthetic. As high quality as you would need in silk flowers, you might as well buy the real ones. While living flowers won’t last compared to silk flowers you will not regret your decision and it WILL enhance the overall feel of your wedding and your guests WILL notice the difference.

3. DO NOT dye real flowers. They are beautiful the way they are! Florist HATE doing this and it really takes away from the flowers natural beauty.

4. Choose flowers that are in season come your wedding time. Why you ask? It’s quite simple, what is in season is FAR less expensive. So google flower seasons and see what you have to work with and talk to your florist. They know hundreds of flowers, ones you may not have even considered, but once you know the feel and theme of your wedding they will have tons of ideas. More often than not this is really fun and exciting for them and it is their brand on your tables, bouquets and more – so they want it to look fantastic and for you to be over the moon!

5. To keep costs down provide the vases, mason jars or whatever you are deciding to use for your wedding centrepieces. The dollarstore is a gold mine for all of your centrepiece needs! You just have to snap it up when you find it! Michaels is also a good source but can be pricey, so always remember to google their coupons!

I realize some of my points may be redundant for you or you may disagree completely but keep them in mind when you meet with your florist – be crafty, be creative & trust them!




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Destination Weddings

Is the ocean breeze calling your name?

Destination weddings are a wonderful experience! The sun on your skin, the breeze in your hair and a drink in your hand – who wouldn’t love all of these things! However, there are a couple aspects both positive and negative you should keep in mind before you commit to a destination wedding.

1) Destination weddings are beautiful with the sunset or beach in your backdrop. I mean a truly relaxing and serene experience for not only you and your significant other, but your guests. However, something to keep in mind when getting married directly on the beach is the wind! There is nothing worse than hair in your face and mouth walking down the aisle. If you choose to get married in a gazebo/greenary area this is far less of a concern. I realize this is not a deal-breaker by any means but more a caution to be selective with your hair style choice.

2) If you are wanting a destination wedding because you do not wish to plan anything – think again! When you arrive at your destination wedding in order for your marriage to be legally binding most often you must be in the country for 2-4 days. The days prior to your wedding the couple must meet up with resort staff to hash out the days events. Although, there may be less planning required than a wedding in your home town do not think your are getting away scott free. Depending on the details of your wedding you may be required to plan a lot more than you think.

3) Unfortunately not all of your guests you may want at your wedding will be able to attend – maybe not so unfortunate who knows! A destination wedding can place a financial burden on your guests but is completely up to you. Couples often times graduate with so much student debt that going into debt for a wedding may not seem like the best option, so destination weddings are absolutely less financially draining on the couple.

4) Couples with kids are a topic all their own for destination weddings. Depending on the resort you choose kids may not be permitted on the grounds. This can be stressful for a couple trying to find someone to watch their children. However, the flip side is if the couple brings their children (children friendly resort) this can be quite pricey for the couple and they cannot let loose the same way they can in the absence of their children.  Just something to keep in mind!

Advice: Most of the time for an easy going couple just looking for a small intimate destination wedding all you need to bring is the grooms outfit and the brides outfit. You often times have to pay additionally for the flowers and if you want a different menu for your wedding dinner.

Try not to have people on a strict schedule for daily events. In the end remember this is your wedding but they have paid a significant amount of money to attend and are using it as a vacation. Most peoples weddings are one day where your festivities last a week!

Last bit of advice would be if you can swing it, go earlier than all your guests and leave after them. Have some time just to yourselves – you’ll need it!

Although there are many factors to consider with a destination wedding these are some of the most important – in my mind!

“Stay committed to your decisions, but flexible in your approach”



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It’s so Shiny I can’t Stop Staring at it …

Congratulations you’re engaged! Now what?

This is an extremely exciting time for you and your fiancĂ©! This time goes by so fast it’s absolutely crazy – it really is an adrenaline high!

I was so caught off guard when my husband proposed I kid you not I actually said the “F” word. He rarely pulls one over on me, so the fact I had no idea really left me speechless. For those who know me, rarely am I ever caught without words! I actually couldn’t think, he had to say “aren’t you going to call your parents?” What was worse or amazing was some of my best friends were in on it and they all hid it from me – best surprise ever! My point to that short interlude was that this is one of the most exciting times for a couple and it can be an extremely overwhelming, exciting and emotional! This is why I have written down a couple things to remember during the time you just got engaged!

1) Call your parents! They want to share in the excitement with you! They raised you from the time you were a baby! They share so many memories with you and you can’t forget to call them to include them in this special moment!

2) Call your siblings/best friends! These people helped shape you to be who you are. They know where you have been and where you are going and been through it with you.

3) Celebrate! Have a drink, cheers, toast and be merry! Savour these precious moments together as a couple and with your loved ones.

4) Take lots of pictures! Document your journey – not that this is uncommon nowadays with social media. Regardless whether or not you post your journey make sure you have the photos for you and your significant other!

5) Make time for people who want to congratulate you. I know that everyone wants to go have a drink, go for dinner, or hang out to congratulate you and this is extremely tiring…. but you have to go do it!! People are just so excited for you and want to share with you their love and happiness for you. Just suck it up!

6) Get insurance on your ring. It is this simple, we are only human and mistakes happen. Go add insurance on your ring right now!

7) Deciding on the big day! This is an extremely big decision and a very exciting one. Make sure you know what type of wedding you want (theme, number of people, season, budget, vibe, decor) this helps decide which month you would like your wedding to take place in. Remember to take breaks from talking about the wedding. Your significant other sometimes isn’t as caught up in all the wedding details as you might be. Set a time and limit each day to talk about your wedding details – trust me they appreciate it, it also avoids arguments and you thinking they don’t care about the wedding details.

Well these are some of the biggest tasks to keep in mind once you have just gotten engaged! If you ever have questions feel free to comment and I will answer to be best of my knowledge. Stay Tuned! On that note I leave you with this parting quote:

“Patience is not the ability to wait but how you act while you are waiting” – Unknown internet source


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Behind the Diamonds

First off I would like to start by saying what is the correct way to start your very first blog post? Maybe I should share something about myself? A joke? A story? Maybe just a first article? In the end I clearly couldn’t decide and this is where I ended up. I consider myself an honest person, even when most people don’t want to hear the truth. In lieu of my #truth and #honesty there was a quote I heard recently that seems fitting, it goes something like this: “truth is like poetry and most people f****** hate poetry” – overheard in Washington D.C.   My friends often look to me as the voice of reason because in the end I tell them what they need to hear not what they want to hear – I conduct myself the same manner at work. Ultimately, that is my goal of this blog: to provide sound, unbiased advice in all things’ wedding. When I say all things wedding I mean the entire spectrum: wedding gowns, bridesmaid dress, mother of the bride/groom, tuxes/suits, fitness, health, food, drinks, and how to deal with unruly invitees or wedding party members.

Why should you take advice from me? I have 7 years experience working in a bridal salon, I have a Degree from Queen’s University in Gender Studies and a Diploma from St. Lawrence College in the marketing. Trust me when I tell you I have seen my fair share of crazy, excitement, and love. People have always asked me why gender studies, well to me it was simple. I love people. I enjoy learning about different cultures and traditions. I have strong sense of who I am and can often read people quite quickly. My marketing diploma is my passion, I love analyzing data, situations, and once again: people! I planned my own wedding from start to finish – I’m very particular! Whilst I was planning our wedding I graduated from school, had a major surgery, and worked – time management is a strong suit for me!

Lastly, be kind. I don’t consider myself a writer or an expert, however, I am extremely knowledgable when it comes to weddings – it is a passion of mine. I really just want a tool where brides, grooms, friends and family can turn to for sound advice – besides Pinterest. I could spend hours on Pinterest – I love it!! – however, it can be an unreasonable source of information (I will explain this later in my blog posts). For now, I will leave you with this quote:

“Friends are family we choose for ourselves” – Unknown internet source


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