10 Ways to Remember Your Wedding For Years to Come

wedding anniversary

Let’s face it in today’s culture you can get married at variety of points in your life. For some people a wedding may be the most exciting part of their life to date, others may have higher priorities but are super excited, and some a mere formality. None the less regardless of whether you had children before you were married, or your 20, or this is your third marriage it is a memorable and special moment in your life. A lot of the time we get caught going through life in motions and forget the love, laughter, and smiles of our every day lives, never the less our wedding day. Which is totally the reason foe creating this blog! Being in the wedding industry – I love weddings!! – and want everyone to remember even a glimpse of the happiness of their special day. A few ways to recreate the feelings of your wedding day are:

1. Put on your wedding dress once a year – Not only does this bring back hopefully a lot of great memories it is just generally super fun! It doesn’t matter if your 9 months pregnant or your body is not the same as it was, slip it on as best you can, get your significant other to put on theirs as well! Such a fun way to bond!

2. Read your vows – Life can get in the way of the two of you communicating and sharing your feelings, sooooo…. re-read your vows once a year 🙂

3. Celebrate your anniversary – although I completely understand there isn’t always a lot of disposable income, stay home make a great meal together and celebrate your milestone  because every year, every day, every week is something to be cherished.

4. Always say I love you – These three little words mean so much and they genuinely make you feel fantastic and they remind us of the love we have for each other.

5. Wedding Photos – Actually print some of your wedding photos and have them framed in your house. This is a constant reminder of your awesome day. While this is simple so many people do not have a single wedding photo up in there house.

6. Wedding meal – Make your wedding meal. If you had stuffed chicken with asparagus and potatoes – make it! This evokes a whole different set of emotions and senses.

7. Wedding rings – once a year put your partners wedding ring on them again. This small symbolic gesture reminds you that you are together through thick and thin!

8. Wedding Album – Once a year go through all of your wedding pictures!

9. Picture – Every year on your anniversary take a picture of the two of you. Watch the changes in the two of you over the years.

10. The infamous vow renewal – If the mood should strike you, renew your vows 🙂

I must admit I am pretty proud of this post! So many fun ways to remember your special day. It is so wonderful to cherish the ones you love so dearly and show them how you feel. When’s your anniversary? How do you show the one you love how you feel?




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Wedding Trends 2016 & Alternative Ideas

2016 wedding trends

What are the trendiest of trends for the ‘now’, 2016, the summer. I always find it so interesting how trends come in and out of style, it may take 25, 50, 100 years but it ALWAYS comes back eventually.

The Dress – Right now we are seeing an abundance of lace dresses, with beautiful low backs and minimal ‘poof’ if you will. This doesn’t mean the classic ball gown isn’t still trendy but it’s taking a back seat behind the plethora of lace. However, satin is making its comeback we are really starting to see it come back in haute couture, stay ahead of the trends and look for satin!

The Flowers – for a while it was cascading bouquets of lily’s, but now we are seeing circular rustic flower bouquets. Featuring sunflowers, peonies, roses, lavender, hydrangeas kind of resembling flowers you would pick from a country field or garden. We have also seen jewel or button bouquets, super fun and cute!

The Venue – while we still see traditional church ceremony and hall venues the trendy spots have been barns or loft spaces. (Locally, The DogHouse and Fields on the West Lake). Myself I had my wedding at SpindleTree Gardens, so beautiful and unique and an alternative to traditional and trends CHA CHA check it out.

Menswear – Lately we’ve seen a lot of people come in talking about the guys wearing jeans and plaid shirts with vests, or vests and dress pants. While I respect everyone has their own personal flare and unique approach to their wedding, I personally still like the idea of the men in suits or tuxedos. However, the trends definitely are veering towards vests and dress pants. However, a super sharp look to appease both ends of the spectrum would be to have a suit with a linen vest underneath.

DIY – everyone now is on a DIY craze, myself included. The only word to the wise I would give is keep track of how much you are spending to a “T” because often times it can be SUPER expensive and you are spending far more than you think. However, if you are ‘DIY-ing’ simply for the personalized touch without a cost saving mindset DIY away!

Colours – Right now for wedding gowns we are seeing a lot of colours (gold, champagne, stone, vintage silver etc., with ivory lace overlay) paired with pastel colour bridesmaid dresses. However, we still see very contrasting dresses (navy, black, red, cranberry, sangria etc.,) because they are classics for a reason.

These are merely the trends we have noticed and some options to put a twist on current styles. Talk trends with us! What do you see!



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Wedding Dress Bootcamp

Wedding Dress Bootcamp

Earlier I made a blog post promising some fitness tips for your wedding day! The reality is sometimes a wedding isn’t enough of a push to get in shape, tone, or drop a couple extra lbs. But it can be a great place to start! GET OFF THE COUCH AND GET MOVING! Life is tough, it throws you curveballs, and there will be an abundance of days you just don’t want to adult- but you have to do it!! There are days when all I want to do is go home and hide away from the world but we are adults and we have responsibilities! So here are some ways to keep you motivated. Remember nothing happens over night it takes 3 weeks for something to become a habit and the first two weeks are the hardest! You WILL have more energy going to the gym, you will sleep better and feel fantastic. You will start to enjoy pushing yourself and feeling the gym burn – it becomes addictive. When you feel like giving up, Pinterest motivational fitness, fitness models, anything that keeps you going! Onto the tips!

Motivational Tips

1. Workout with someone – if you set a time and a place with someone you are far less likely to skip out on your workout. Plus most of the time working out is more fun with someone!

2. Playlists – update your playlist! Whatever jacks you up, keeps you focussed, and pushes you, put it on your playlist!!

3. Scale – buy a scale! If you you want to track your results weigh yourself at the same time of every day!

4. Reminders – set a daily reminder in your phone! (ex: run BLEEP) this way you have something constantly reminding you to get active!

5. Set a goal – How are you supposed to feel accomplished without setting a goal to work for and achieve. Keep the goal reasonable and once you attain one goal reward yourself & set a new one!

Workout Tips

1. Walk/jog, run – spring is here and summer is quickly approaching there is NO excuse not to be outside, GET MOVING! Start with a learn to job/run program. Jog for 30 seconds, walk for 5 and repeat for 5 rounds. Then jog for 1 minute walk for 4 minutes repeat 5 times.

2. Time – it takes 20 minutes before you start to burn fat. Why? Because you have to burn through your ATP storage, so keep going!

3. Weights – Don’t think that lifting weights will make you bulky… those women are on supplements to get/maintain those muscles. Therefore, lifting weights won’t make you bulky.

If you don’t want to do weights start with body weight exercises! Example workout.

12 staggered push ups (4 regular, 4 right hand higher than left, 4 left hand higher than right) – can be knee push ups

12/side lateral lunges 

15 air squats

12/side walking lunges

6/side reverse walking lunges

24 mountain climbers

10 burpees

Repeat x3


You don’t have to be in the gym forever or even go to a gym, you just have to set time aside each day to take care of yourself. It is all about priorities in life. What are yours? My top three priorities are my family, my health (food & exercise) and my happiness. These are just mine, but really think about your goals and what you want to be important. If you don’t have your health, life becomes more challenging. Also a complete 3 stage workout plan to come! Stay tuned for some healthy eating recipes to keep you happy, healthy, and energized for your big day!



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6 Truths About Your Wedding Night

Wedding night

I’m sorry grandma in advance…. But the reality of today is most couples have done the deed far prior to their wedding night – who are we kidding grandma isn’t reading this. So we have some truths and some tips on how to create a memorable wedding night.

1. It’s not the the movies – Let’s be real here… you were sweating all day from the nerves and being hot (the dress is a sauna) so by the end of the night you don’t look or feel as fantastic as the beginning of the day – but hey you’re MARRIED!

2. Statistics – 75% of couples do not consummate their marriage on their wedding night… it’s an exhausting day but NO excuse.

3. JUST DO IT – you are hot, sweating, tired so don’t shower, because the moment you shower you will be all comfy and won’t want to ‘get down’ so just do it.

4. You will make up for it – the honeymoon is the perfect place for redemption because your wedding night probably won’t be like you imagined it. Here you are rested, you have a pina colada, wine, or beer in hand and are ready to be close to your partner.

5. Buy pretty things – by pretty things I mean bra, underwear, any lingerie it just makes you feel AWESOME and you think ‘I need to show this off, my partner is going to LOVE IT’.

6. Be you – your partner married you for you, so don’t be afraid to be your quirky self, that is what is most sexy.

Enjoy your wedding night, the bliss, the laughter, the tear, the shear happiness, and the action of from Miss to Mrs. And if you don’t do the ‘deed’ know that you are not alone.

Be realistic. Be you.



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15 Fantastic Wedding Registry Gifts for Couples Who Already Live Together



Let’s be honest here. Most couples live together before they are married or engaged. No judgement either way here – I lived with my husband before we were married. It’s just simply a reality of the world we live in today, we want to know all the little quirks of your significant other and see if you find them cute, tolerable, or repulsive. The honest truth is sometimes once you live together things change, which is why people want to live under the same roof before they say “I do”. In turn, this often means the couple has a lot of the typical wedding registry gifts and that’s awesome. Like my husband and I you probably have some family members who don’t want to give you money they want to buy you a gift – take advantage of this!

1. A pepper mill – A great pepper mill is about $90. Spending $90 on a pepper mill can sometimes be difficult with your own money but having someone else buy it for you is less painful. Guests like to give you this gift as well because you will have it for close to a lifetime! Having fresh ground pepper is awesome remarkably more enjoyable.

2. New plate set – Maybe you are still using the stuff you combined together from College/University etc., and they are still fine but take this opportunity to get really fantastic plates and cutlery.

3. Go Pro – Whether you hike, ski, skydive, go on trips, family gatherings a Go Pro is an amazing gift! The quality is phenomenal, its waterproof (aka kid friendly) has a long lasting battery, I could go on forever…. They are awesome, it’s that simple. Replaces the need for a camera.

4. Wine of the month – This is one of the best gifts to receive. If you don’t like wine there is also a beer of the month or a million other things of the month. This is the gift that just keeps giving and is super fun to get! On your anniversary each month receive a red and white bottle. LOVE IT.

5. Spa weekend – After the wedding you WILL be exhausted. Give the gift of a spa weekend or package for the bride and groom to relax. Massages, manicure, pedicure, tapas, the grand ordeal it will be much needed pampering.

6. Honeymoon adventure – Find you where the couple is going on their honeymoon and get them an excursion or a private candlelight dinner etc., – they will love it! Nothing better than some bonding time on your honeymoon!

7. Date night box – Whether you know the couple super well or not, put together a date night box. For example, gift certificate to a restaurant, movie passes or amusement park, bottle of wine, maybe some high quality glasses, a pizza stone, a beautiful frame for a wedding picture, the list is endless! Put a personal touch on it for them!

8. Wine Tour – Depending on how well you know the couple we had some friends give us a wine tour and a gift certificate to a winery. For us this was a fantastic gift that we are beyond excited to use. Think about the little things with them, can you think of something awesome they would want to do!

9. Funky ‘dishware’ – Something the couple would use and is completely unique. Maybe a fun salad bowl, salad tongs, serving spoons, maybe something they wouldn’t use every day but that makes a statement.

10. Art – This one again depends on how well you know the couple but a piece of art work that reminds the couple of who they received the gift from but that works in their house.

11. Blanket – A cozy blanket the couple will enjoy together, whilst enjoying a night in together. Something that functions as a talking piece, piece of art, and practical use.

12. Wine & Beer glasses – Really awesome wine and beer glasses aren’t cheap but they are amazing to have. Whether you drink or not for your guests sipping out of nice wine glasses or scotch glasses is the perfect experience! Decanters also add a nice art piece to your living space!

13. Mixer – The KitchenAid mixer although you do not use this every day they are phenomenal to have! Super awesome gift to give and receive, you can do so many things with it and if this couple likes to bake then it is an absolute must have!

14. Personalized gift – This can be a pillow, wine bottles, sign, photos anything you want! The bride and groom will cherish there special day for a lifetime and it is nice to have a reminder of the happiness of their big day!

15. Bedding – Take this opportunity to get really lovely bedding. A great set of sheets aren’t inexpensive and they make a world of a difference in the comfort of your sleep! Also a new duvet and or comforter set as a newly married couple is a nice fresh start!


The Bay is an awesome place for a registry and they give you deals a year after your wedding date – aka amazinggggg! They also have everything you need in one store (for the most part) it’s also easy to use online and there are a lot of stores and most everyone has heard of it!

All in all those are my take on awesome wedding gift ideas besides the infamous “cash is king”. Cash is really wonderful to receive but it is nice to have a couple gifts especially things you wouldn’t ordinarily purchase for yourself. Hope you found this helpful! 🙂



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8 Tips on How to Remain Calm Leading up to You Wedding



Your wedding can be a super stressful time as you want everything to go seamlessly. I don’t want to burst your bubble but everything isn’t going to go perfect, something is bound to go wrong. It could be super small or something more drastic. Speaking from experience on my wedding day they served the wrong meal. While I’m sure some of you are gasping with disbelief – it happens! My husband knew something didn’t quite seem right as we were sitting at the head table and I giggled at his confusion and said “yes something is different, it’s not the right meal, but that’s ok it tastes great!” While I realize for some of you this may be more traumatizing than others and believe me if you would have asked me before the day if this were to happen I probably would have gotten upset but the reality is…. It was a beautiful day, I married the love of my life, the food was still fantastic, and no one knew the difference! While my story may have been a bit more drastic than other minor things not going as planned it is bound to happen and I have prepared some tips to help you keep cool, calm, and collected. 

1. Wine – This beautiful grape substance helps everything. I’m not saying drink away your sorrows, I’m saying have a glass of wine and breathe!

2. Acceptance – While this is a super important day, no event, no person, no pet is perfect and you wouldn’t want them to be. So why should your wedding day be any different. Often times it is the quirks that happen that make it so memorable for you and your guests.

3. Perspective – Is a beautiful skill to acquire. Prom was important right? It was the biggest deal in your life at the time, sound about right? A year later you probably went “ya it was fun”. Then you go on to graduate College/University/Apprenticeships etc., that were a huge deal correct!? Now here we are at your wedding day, while all of these events were monumental in your life, each one grandeur than the last as long as you look back and say that was a great day with maybe a laugh and smile, it was a success.

4. Exercise – It makes you happy! It’s a proven science that when you exercise you are happier. I’m not saying go spend 3 hours in the gym, just go for a walk, jog, strength training, hike, kayak whatever you like to do to get your heart rate going! This is a proven way to make you happy!

5. Friends – Make sure you make time for those special people in your life! While your wedding is not only exciting for you, but for everyone around you and they wanna talk about it! You can totally do this but keep it limited, when you are with your friends talk about things outside of your wedding this way no one gets wedding”ed” out.

6. Getaway – While I know there are plenty of things to pay for leading up to your wedding, there are also lots of things you can do cost efficiently! For example camping is extremely reasonable and really allows you to remove yourself and focus on you and your partner. If camping isn’t your thing get out hotwire, kayak, expedia, hotelstonight for cheap deals on hotels. Just one night is all you need to put away your phones and hone in on each other.

7. In the words of Sheldon Cooper “Coitus” – If you are saving yourself for marriage that is a completely personal choice and I commend you on your decision. However, for those of you who maybe live with or stay frequently with your partner do not forget to do the “deed”. There is nothing that brings to people together more than “coitus”. In the words of Nike “just do it!”

8. Breathe – You know when people tell you to take 10 deep breaths, that’s for a reason. This slows your heart rate and allows your body to CALM DOWN. Take the 30 seconds to take 10 deeps breathes in through your nose out through your mouth.

Remember your wedding will be beautiful and something even the smallest thing is bound to go wrong and that is OK! Chances are no one will know except for you. We can always look back and say I should have or I could have, but we can’t change the past we can only alter our path in the future and live in the now.


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Wedding Fitness Tips




Am I the fittest person alive? Absolutely not, but I would consider myself to be very fit. Both my husband and I played Varsity sports and love to be fit (it’s our ‘me’ time). We both enjoy challenging and battling against ourselves. But this isn’t the case for some people. I understand that a lot of people do not enjoy the gym – that is a reality! Sometimes a wedding is a great push to try and shed some extra pounds or to gain and tone some muscle. So I’ve prepared some tips/realities about fitness and health related to your wedding!

  1. Nutrition – this is the most key part to truly losing weight and feeling amazing inside and out. You can go to the gym 7 days a week but if you don’t modify your eating you will not see the results you want. However this does not mean you can’t have treats and rewards they just need to be limited. I never tell myself I can’t have something (this isn’t a fun way to live!) but I tell myself you need to work harder today in the gym or I MODIFY a meal. Don’t ever think you can’t have something, just know what you are eating and compensate somewhere for it!
  2. Alcohol – tastes so good, but so bad for you. I love wine, beer, cocktails (any of it)! But I know it is super hard on my body. So I’m going to shed some light. Coors Light has 140 calories/bottle OUCH! However, if you go to Sleeman clear its 80 calories and tastes like beer! So you can have 2 Sleeman beers for every Coors Light and a regular bottle of beer is 160 – 185 calories. Trust me you don’t want to know what is in a Cider…….. Instead of a vodka regular cranberry buy the diet so thats 60 calories instead of about 160, vodka water with lemon and lime or sparkling water is even better. Wine has about 120-140 calories per glass and there is no real way to cut back (skinny girl makes some lower calorie wine but they aren’t fantastic) I’m sorry wine lovers it’s tough! Just moderation again, change what you mix with, liquor is easier on your waistline!
  3. Gym – Cardio will make you lose weight all over, but the best way to lose weight more efficiently is to do interval training the more you change your heart rate the better! Start off slow 10 second sprint 2 minute low impact exercise. then go to 15 second sprint 1:30 rest etc., Weight training is a FABULOUS way to lose weight and gain muscle. For toning lower your weight with higher repetition and to gain muscle heavier weight with lower reps. I will do a blog on exercises later on. Also keep in mind it is so much more fun with a partner!
  4. Ordering Your Dress – Whether this is a bridesmaid, wedding, or mother’s dress order to the size you are now. As much as we want you to succeed and work towards your goals we want your dress to fit! Sometimes things happen and we understand life can get in the way, this is why we order to your size because we can ALWAYS take a dress in but very rarely can we let it out.
  5. Maintaining Weight – We really don’t like seeing this but on occasion someone will come in and their dress does not fit. This is super frustrating for everyone. So a couple tips to stay on track really is so count your calories to know what you are consuming. Albeit this is not a fun thing to do it helps keep you on track (fitness pal by Under Armour is amazing! Fitbit’s are also a great tool, and just super cool info with it!)

In the end we want you to be happy and for everything to fit properly. We love seeing nothing more than when clients come in and they tell us they have lost however many pounds! This is the beauty of weddings they can change your life in a million ways! I will create a couple posts on nutrition and workout ideas.



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5 Twists on the Traditional Wedding Cake


cupcake cake     macaroon cake    white wedding cake    lavender cake

Who doesn’t love cake?  People who aren’t humans that’a who! Although you and your significant other may opt for a nontraditional cake (cupcakes, candy bar, cookies, ice cream, etc.,) this is still a fundamental component to any wedding. I have come up with some, if you will ‘twists’ on the traditional wedding cake! YUM. Keeping this one short and sweet but great to the point info!

1) Cupcake Cake – For many eating a piece of wedding cake is a symbol and gesture wishing the couple a happy marriage. Although nowadays this tradition is slowing gown people still want a piece of the cake. So a great option is cupcakes! WAHOO! A cupcake cake hah. Ask your baker to make a few sizes of cupcakes (mini, medium, and regular) this allows guests to enjoy a piece of cake at the size they wish to consume (less waste!). You can still ‘cut the cake’ by asking for a 6” or 4” topper cake (so you can still have the picture!)

2) Different Designs – To make your cake or cupcakes unique ask for a textured pattern or iced in multiple ways. For example the hydrangea, rose, dahlia, or the ice cream pattern.  This is a great way to create a unique cake!

3) Different Colour Icing – A great way to create a unique cake is to have a couple different colours of icing on the cupcakes! This looks super sharp and is a great way to have lots of interest on your cupcake cake.

4) Different Flavours – Adding multiple flavours of cake is a sure fired way for all your guests to find what they are looking for! If you want all vanilla consider adding a filling to the inside (strawberry, chocolate, raspberry, the list goes on!).

5) Candy & Goodies – Don’t like cake or cupcakes? No problem! Add your own unique twist with your favourite dessert(s). Maybe that’s a candy bar, cookies, bars, tarts whatever it may be have fun with it! If it happens to be all of these options, I will gladly accept an invitation.

Whatever your cake may be traditional or not as long it is your desires that is all that matters and your guests will appreciate your own unique flare!



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9 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding



With so many resources to get inspiration for your wedding (internet, magazines, wedding shows, stores) it can sometimes be difficult to personalize your wedding and to create unique aspects. However, there are still some areas in which you can leave a lasting impression on your guests that will keep them talking about for months.

1. The days begins with your ceremony make sure it reflects your personalities. For instance, saying your own vows or lighting your baptismal candles to unite one candle together. Have your justice of the peace, minister or priest go over their ceremony plans with you, make sure it is something that reflects your relationship.

2. Have a signature drink, although yes this has been done plenty of times, people create these extravagant martinis (and if this is something you love then do it because it reflects you!) but maybe your first date was at a pub or a wine bar. So have a craft beer just for cocktail hour or rockets (half beer, half Smirnoff) or a special wine. Just keep consistent with your personalities.

3. Instead of table numbers etc., create table symbols (symbols that represent the two of you).

4. Unique kissing game – The clinking of the glasses is so irritating and caterers HATE it, so be funky try something new. Maybe a wheel of fortune idea, create a rhyme, take a shot, sink a beer pong shot, shout out songs with love in it, anything. This gets people talking at your tables and creates conversations and memories.

5. Disposable cameras – Are these still around?? YES, YES they are. While you have ‘a’ or ‘many’ photographer/s they cannot be everyone at once and its hilarious to see what comes off that camera role.

6. Banquet style tables (this is putting a bunch of rectangle tables in a row) – This allows for many people to be at a table and more conversations to occur. It also allows you to group larger amount of ‘like’ people together!

7. Venue – A unique venue is a fabulous way to create lasting conversations. Although sometimes venues are predetermined (churches etc.,) the reception space can be unique. Examples: A garden venue, a museum, a brewery, winery (though this has been done quite a few times), a zoo, planetarium. These venues allow for guests to truly interact with their surroundings thus creating a lasting impression.

8. Tell your story of how the two of you met. Although most of the people at your wedding may know you extremely well, they probably do not know how you met and the little details. This is something people love to hear about especially at your wedding!

9. Personalized party favours – most people either forget or never look at the wedding favour again and they cost enough money! So a way to create a personal yet practical touch is to have cookies as a gift or a dessert that they can snack on right away or at the end of their meal.

These are just a couple examples of what you can do to to create a unique feel to your wedding. Let me know what you think 🙂



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4 Key Wedding Timelines

wedding timeline photo


There are so many details to remember for your wedding that it can be so difficult to keep them straight. I found a great tool to use was Wunderlist! You can create checklists and reminders for each individual item and there is something very satisfying about being able to check off an item! You have to make so many payments before your wedding (caterer, flowers, photographer, dress etc.,) and it is so hard to remember all of them and Wunderlist is truly a fantastic tool to keep you in check and make sure you are paying on time!

Although we completely understand that timelines can change very quickly for a variety of reasons, however, if your day is finitely set keep these 5 timelines in mind.

1) A Wedding Gown – When ordered a dress takes approximately 6 months to arrive. Why so long? These dresses are handmade in a variety of places around the world (Barcelona, Sweden, Switzerland etc., some here in Canada!) So this process takes a lot of time and if you think how many dresses are in production (up to 175) and the variety of sizes that they need to create this can be a lengthy process! If you are getting married in peak season (June-September) you need to allow for about a month and a half of leeway time for your alterations.

2) Bridesmaid Dresses –  Take approximately 3-4 months to arrive. This is due to the same reasons as wedding gowns they simply take time! For bridesmaid dresses allow about 4-5 weeks for alterations. *This applies to Mother of the Bride/Groom dresses!

3) Photographer – Book your photographer as soon as possible about 8months to a year before your wedding if possible. They are great for a reason and they are in high demand especially in the peak summer seasons!

4) Venue – If you would like a specific venue this can be tricky! If it is popular and in the popular months it could be booked! This is something that should be one of the very first things on your list. Why? Because this determines the feel to the rest of your wedding (flowers, your dress, food, decorations) all decisions are impacted by your venue.


Remember to keep calm and collected, as important as this day is and as the stress rises as your day creeps up, the show will go on and it will be beautiful 🙂 Don’t forget to keep some of your daily routines whether it be the gym, cooking, girl time, sports teams, couch time whatever it may be as it keeps your sanity! Want a specific list or advice? Just leave me a comment! I’m more than happy to share!




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