surviving your wedding day

Since outdoor weddings have become increasingly popular in the past 2 years and everyone seems to respond better to those posts, so here we are….

I too had an outdoor wedding and I wish I knew some of these things before hand. As you know you roll the die when you have an outdoor wedding and you need to plan accordingly. Below are some KEY ideas to help you and your guests thrive at your outdoor wedding.

1. DRYSOL – I cannot say this little gem enough. Drysol stops you from sweating, for those of us who sweat enough when it is hot outside this is your new BFF. It is completely dermatologist approved just follow the instructions. But this is a life saver on your wedding so you’re not as sticky and sweaty.

2. WATER – Although simple, you need to drink at least 5 water bottles that day. You’re adrenaline is pumping, people want to toast to you and that’s fine, but drink water too!

3. Mints – Keep breathe mints with your significant other – they probably have pockets! You will be in close proximity and interacting with a lot of people, gotta keep fresh!

4. Tissues – Make sure your significant other has a pack of tissues on them, they will tear up ;).

5. Oil blotters – You can purchase these at any drug store. You blot these on your face and it removes the oil and sweat from your face (helps with pictures and overall appearance).

6. Baby Wipes – Not only for you, but your guests! These are gentle on your skin but freshens you and your guests up a bit. Refreshing #win.

7. Shade – You and your guests may need some shade, so have seated areas with shade, or make shade for you and your guests by purchasing umbrellas.

8. Programs – If you want to do programs attach a popsicle stick to them and you have your own personal fan!

9. Food – For the bride and groom often times you miss cocktail hour because you are off taking photos, tell your wedding party to get you a little snack! Makes a world of a difference to have a little pick me up.

10. Moment – The day goes by so fast, your heart is racing, your experiencing 100 different emotions, take a moment, a deep breathe and cherish the moment with your significant other. People want to talk to you, dance with you etc., so take a minute with them, you’re MARRIED now!


Just some tips to help you get through your big outdoor day! Let me know your thoughts. What do you want to see published?



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