6 Practical Hairstyles for Outdoor Weddings

There are a lot of factors and considerations that go into an outdoor wedding. You have to understand and accept you can’t control the weather and have a backup plan. It may rain, it may be scorching hot, it may be buggy, it may be muggy, it may be perfect regardless the outcome this is what you signed up for. However, there are some facets your CAN control. The one I wanna talk about today is your hair! Your hair is a vital part to your image the day of your wedding and you want to make sure it is on point. I would even say have a back up plan for your hair… if it is going to be scorching hot perhaps change your hair accordingly. FACT: most hair dressers WILL NOT give you loose curls if you’re the bride and having a 3:00pm outdoor ceremony. WHY? IT’S HOT, you sweat, you’re nervous – it is outdoors. This is their best publicity, this is their brand, their image, on you – understandable right? So let’s get to it!

1. Braided up do – Who doesn’t love a braid? This beautiful curled up do allows you to have a super romantic look but also feel at ease that your hair is going to fabulous all night.

Braided up do

2. Messy up do – This hair style is all too beautiful. It allows you to add some volume to your hair (this is awesome in my mind because i have super thin straight hair) all while keeping it simple with no fuss.

Messy up do

3. Perfect for the scorcher – This hair style will be flawless from the time your hairstylist finishes your hair until the night is over. This messy, but organized bun is pure perfection.

Perfect for the scorcher

4. For the Romantic – So timeless, so beautiful. Perfect for the soft, elegant, and romantic bride. With your hair out of face and off your neck this hairstyle will keep you looking fresh from day to night.

romantic hair

5. For the love of flowers – Whether you are on a white sandy beach, a church, or a backyard, flowers are all too pretty. Flowers are a nice replacement if you don’t want bling in your hair but want a little something, something. This up do screams an easy going, laid back bride.

braided up do 2

6. Alternative – If you would like to veer away from an up do, there is a solution. A braid. A beautiful loose braid with flowers is the perfect alternative and solution.

braid and flowers

Although there are millions and millions of wedding hairstyles out there. Keep in mind your daily logistics, it is outside, and we do not know what the weather will bring. Half up half down hairstyle are also beautiful but they are hot on your neck and your curls can get disorganized and fall – although they are totally beautiful! In the end be true to your style, but be practical.


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