Information Your Guests WANT To Know!

wedding-guest Information

This is a good one. I was recently at a wedding and we had some questions left unanswered before we departed for the wedding. While every bride and groom is super busy leading up to your wedding your guests need some information in regards to your big day. It’s super important to guests!

1. Gifts – As much as we don’t want to admit this, it is fact. Your wedding gift amount depends on how well you know someone, if there is an open bar, what the meal is etc., The old rule of thumb was cover your plate, hate to tell you people this is so out of date. Your wedding gift if going to the entire event should be between $125 – $150 per person! This is where it gets tricky, if you are going to just the reception it becomes very difficult. Why? Because you don’t know what’s going on, if there isn’t an open bar, and no snack it’s difficult to ask a lot of people. In the end you are asking people to join you on your special day and it will be up to your discretion.

2. Alcohol – Inform people on invitations or word of mouth whether or not it is a cash bar or open bar. This is nice for guests to know simply because they may have to bring enough cash to have a couple drinks. While weddings are expensive they are also expensive for your guests (gift, travel, hotel, attire) so open bars are nice for them not to have to pay on top of everything else!

3. Attire – Put a dress code on your invitation. Girls do this all the time texting and calling each other to see what each other are wearing – we do this for a reason! We never want to feel over dress or under dresses NEVER under dressed. So at least if your group of girls and you dress the same you can be over or under dressed together. But let’s eliminate the confusion and just put the dress code right on the invitation.

4. Food – Although I believe this to be optional to share some people love to know what they are eating at your wedding and the late night snack. However, this is more word of mouth travel. BUT you must put if anyone has any food allergies etc to please notify the bride and groom and have a space for comments on the return postage.

5. Adults Only? – Guests with children will want to know if they are permitted at the entire wedding or the ceremony only. This allows parents ample time to make arrangements if necessary.


While these may seem like no-brainers to the bride and groom they aren’t in your head so make sure you convey your thoughts and plans to your guests. This alleviates unnecessary stress for your guests trying to purchase gifts, pick something to wear, and what to bring. Be kind to your guests, they are attending your big day! Keep them in the know :).



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