Wedding Identity: Be You, Be Unique

Unique Wedding

Right about now you have probably “Pinterested” just about everything there is to Pinterest in accordance with your wedding. You have probably started to gravitate towards certain looks, themes, and colours. Somewhere between your parents, future in-laws, trends, and Pinterest dreams lies your realistic dream wedding. There are so many facets in which you can let your personality shine bright like a diamond. Your wedding day should be a reflection of you and your significant other.  It is imperative to keep in mind what trends are timeless and which ones you may look back and think… what was I thinking.

Although trends may come and go a wedding photo is forever. My mom and I like to look at hers and my dads wedding photos and kind of giggle about the style then, just as I will hope to do one day.

However, ways to personalize your wedding are:

1. Invitations – incorporate how you two first met. Coffee shop? Have some coffee beans. Sports? incorporate sports language on the invite. Bar? have some cocktails present.

2. Tell your love story – although this may seem strange everyone loves to tell their story and most people at your wedding probably have no idea! Have someone tell the story, or have it written down on the tables – people will love it!

3. Have practical wedding favours – Cookies, bottle opener, seeds, plant, matches. Something that represents the two of you (you love it, or maybe you use it (kitchen item)) nothing that has your face on it or one single glass, people don’t want or need that stuff.

4. Vows – Having your justice of the piece, pastor, priest custom make a ceremony to you. This allows guests for a unique experience right from the get go!

5. Dessert – a dessert in place of a cake that represents you. Maybe that is a cake but if it’s cupcakes, cookies, candy, or ice cream keep it custom to you 🙂

6. Attire – Don’t worry what everyone else is wearing just worry about you. If you want to wear a blush princess dress in a barn then do it! In the end that is what represents you then go for it! If your significant other wants to wear a funky suit, so be it! Keep as true to yourself as possible. Think to yourself will I still love this in 25 years?

If having your boutonniere as a fishing lour or gun casing so be it! If having a short purple wedding gown makes you happy, do it! If having my big fat greek-italian wedding is your wish, I want your wish to come true! If having no dessert at your wedding because you don’t like it and want poutine, well then I’m coming to your wedding! There are certain moments you need to fight for with your wedding and ones you need to compromise on – just remember what is most important to you and what you can let slide.

Be you, be unique, and be your beautiful self. ❤




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