Nip, Tuck, Tweek.. That Thing Called Alterations!


Let’s get real here for a minute because alterations can more often than not be a hot topic for the bride. Unless you are custom making your wedding gown, bridesmaid, flowergirl, or junior bridesmaid dress the ones you order from bridal stores have standard sizing. What is standard sizing? It means  the store has a set of measurements for each size. What happens if you are in between sizes or are different sizes according to different measurements on your body. Depending on the type of dress the store must order according to your biggest measurement. Why is this? The dress ultimately has to fit and you don’t want the girls out or the zipper not able to do up, or do you? Ladies don’t get size shock, it’s all about how you feel in the dress! So Here I go with my lists again on things you should know regarding alterations.

1. Alterations are not included – remember these are not custom dresses to your exact measurements! So they always need a little something done to them and it costs extra.

2. Great seamstresses are worth it! – This is one of the most important days of your life and you want it to be perfect, rightfully so! Therefore, most great seamstresses aren’t the cheapest price around but they ARE reasonable.. the extra $10-100 is worth it!

3. Every Dress Needs Something – very, I mean very seldom will you purchase a dress at a dress store where you do not need to alter it! At the very least you usually need a hemline. More often than not you need a pinch at the side seam at the bust – so people don’t see too much of the girls and so that your dress lies flush to your body.

4. Side Zippers are Worse – if it can be avoided having a dress with a side zipper is far more difficult to zip – it’s just fact.

5. Timing – as we know timing is everything in life, so this should come as no surprise when it comes to alterations. Alterations take time. Especially when you get married in peak months (June – September). Allow for minimum 5 weeks! While we totally realize this sometimes isn’t possible it’s always opportune to try to stick to this timeline.

6. Order to Your Size – While we are so thrilled for you if you lose weight we want your dress to fit at the body you are now. Dresses can be taken down no problem at all 🙂 and whether or not you take a dress in 1/2 an inch or 5 inches it’s the same price. Once the seam is opened up for a seamstress it makes no difference the amount they take it in. (super helpful hint)

7. Hemlines – If you have a lace applique bottom on your dress (super pretty) be aware that to have it shortened it can cost up to $300! If you have the option when purchasing your gown (90% 0f the time you do) get your dress hollow to hem (proportionally shorted 3 – 7”). It will cost about 150$ but it easily worth the money with the amount you will save in alterations and its general appearance.

8. Don’t Sweat It – I know this is a super stressful time for everyone but when the store you bought your dress from says it will be fine, everything will be perfect TRUST THEM. They don’t seem frazzled or phased because they KNOW your dress will be perfect. Don’t get upset, we see this every day, just trust us!

These are just some helpful hints. If you want me to expand or want more just let me know! 🙂 Enjoy!



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