10 Useful Party Favours

Party Favours

We all know that party favours are just an added expense to a wedding. But grandma and grandpa and that traditional aunt and uncle of yours all want something tangible to leave with from your wedding – sorry the memories don’t cut it for them! While most of your guests leave/forget their party favour at the table – which is frustrating – some people still enjoy them. Account for about 50% not being remembered which leads to my statement of not spending a lot on party favours. However, I have prepared a list of favours that are actually useful or delicious!

1. Cookies – I mean who doesn’t love cookies. Secondly, if you’re not having served dessert, or people are still hungry, or are waiting for a meal its a fantastic way to give your guests a little extra food, of the sweet kind.

2. Donation – While I do believe everyone loves donations and most people are super happy that money was given to a great cause – especially if it hits close to home – it is still nice for your guests to even get a chocolate saying a donation has been made in your honour.

3. Jam/Honey – People inherently love DIY and homemade goods. When your guests consume it, it brings back hopefully a fond memory of a great day and great couple.

4. Matchbook – People do not want a magnet with your faces on it or a useless old looking key. But a matchbook with your names and wedding date on it are super useful – I mean who doesn’t need matches at some point.

5. Candle – Most people at some point or another will burn a candle and again its just a simple reminder of a great wedding and couple.

6. Wine Stopper – Who doesn’t love wine and for those people who don’t finish the bottle when its opened a wine stopper is a great conversation piece.

7. Bottle Opener – Bottle openers are super awesome gifts because you can never have enough of them.

8. Flowers/Herb Seeds/Plant – Herbs/Flowers are awesome and a really funky gift idea.

9. Smore’s Kit – Whether you are a kid or a kid at heart it’s a crime not to enjoy smore’s!

10. Coffee Beans/Grounds – Get a unique coffee blend (or for the kiddos a specialty hot chocolate). I like most need my cup of Jo in the morning – so a super practical gift and breaks people out of their norm even if it’s just a change up of coffee.


Some funky twists and conventional party favour ideas. Depends on your wedding but you can expect to spend on average $1-7/person. ENJOY!



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