Wedding Trends 2016 & Alternative Ideas

2016 wedding trends

What are the trendiest of trends for the ‘now’, 2016, the summer. I always find it so interesting how trends come in and out of style, it may take 25, 50, 100 years but it ALWAYS comes back eventually.

The Dress – Right now we are seeing an abundance of lace dresses, with beautiful low backs and minimal ‘poof’ if you will. This doesn’t mean the classic ball gown isn’t still trendy but it’s taking a back seat behind the plethora of lace. However, satin is making its comeback we are really starting to see it come back in haute couture, stay ahead of the trends and look for satin!

The Flowers – for a while it was cascading bouquets of lily’s, but now we are seeing circular rustic flower bouquets. Featuring sunflowers, peonies, roses, lavender, hydrangeas kind of resembling flowers you would pick from a country field or garden. We have also seen jewel or button bouquets, super fun and cute!

The Venue – while we still see traditional church ceremony and hall venues the trendy spots have been barns or loft spaces. (Locally, The DogHouse and Fields on the West Lake). Myself I had my wedding at SpindleTree Gardens, so beautiful and unique and an alternative to traditional and trends CHA CHA check it out.

Menswear – Lately we’ve seen a lot of people come in talking about the guys wearing jeans and plaid shirts with vests, or vests and dress pants. While I respect everyone has their own personal flare and unique approach to their wedding, I personally still like the idea of the men in suits or tuxedos. However, the trends definitely are veering towards vests and dress pants. However, a super sharp look to appease both ends of the spectrum would be to have a suit with a linen vest underneath.

DIY – everyone now is on a DIY craze, myself included. The only word to the wise I would give is keep track of how much you are spending to a “T” because often times it can be SUPER expensive and you are spending far more than you think. However, if you are ‘DIY-ing’ simply for the personalized touch without a cost saving mindset DIY away!

Colours – Right now for wedding gowns we are seeing a lot of colours (gold, champagne, stone, vintage silver etc., with ivory lace overlay) paired with pastel colour bridesmaid dresses. However, we still see very contrasting dresses (navy, black, red, cranberry, sangria etc.,) because they are classics for a reason.

These are merely the trends we have noticed and some options to put a twist on current styles. Talk trends with us! What do you see!



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