8 Tips on How to Remain Calm Leading up to You Wedding



Your wedding can be a super stressful time as you want everything to go seamlessly. I don’t want to burst your bubble but everything isn’t going to go perfect, something is bound to go wrong. It could be super small or something more drastic. Speaking from experience on my wedding day they served the wrong meal. While I’m sure some of you are gasping with disbelief – it happens! My husband knew something didn’t quite seem right as we were sitting at the head table and I giggled at his confusion and said “yes something is different, it’s not the right meal, but that’s ok it tastes great!” While I realize for some of you this may be more traumatizing than others and believe me if you would have asked me before the day if this were to happen I probably would have gotten upset but the reality is…. It was a beautiful day, I married the love of my life, the food was still fantastic, and no one knew the difference! While my story may have been a bit more drastic than other minor things not going as planned it is bound to happen and I have prepared some tips to help you keep cool, calm, and collected. 

1. Wine – This beautiful grape substance helps everything. I’m not saying drink away your sorrows, I’m saying have a glass of wine and breathe!

2. Acceptance – While this is a super important day, no event, no person, no pet is perfect and you wouldn’t want them to be. So why should your wedding day be any different. Often times it is the quirks that happen that make it so memorable for you and your guests.

3. Perspective – Is a beautiful skill to acquire. Prom was important right? It was the biggest deal in your life at the time, sound about right? A year later you probably went “ya it was fun”. Then you go on to graduate College/University/Apprenticeships etc., that were a huge deal correct!? Now here we are at your wedding day, while all of these events were monumental in your life, each one grandeur than the last as long as you look back and say that was a great day with maybe a laugh and smile, it was a success.

4. Exercise – It makes you happy! It’s a proven science that when you exercise you are happier. I’m not saying go spend 3 hours in the gym, just go for a walk, jog, strength training, hike, kayak whatever you like to do to get your heart rate going! This is a proven way to make you happy!

5. Friends – Make sure you make time for those special people in your life! While your wedding is not only exciting for you, but for everyone around you and they wanna talk about it! You can totally do this but keep it limited, when you are with your friends talk about things outside of your wedding this way no one gets wedding”ed” out.

6. Getaway – While I know there are plenty of things to pay for leading up to your wedding, there are also lots of things you can do cost efficiently! For example camping is extremely reasonable and really allows you to remove yourself and focus on you and your partner. If camping isn’t your thing get out hotwire, kayak, expedia, hotelstonight for cheap deals on hotels. Just one night is all you need to put away your phones and hone in on each other.

7. In the words of Sheldon Cooper “Coitus” – If you are saving yourself for marriage that is a completely personal choice and I commend you on your decision. However, for those of you who maybe live with or stay frequently with your partner do not forget to do the “deed”. There is nothing that brings to people together more than “coitus”. In the words of Nike “just do it!”

8. Breathe – You know when people tell you to take 10 deep breaths, that’s for a reason. This slows your heart rate and allows your body to CALM DOWN. Take the 30 seconds to take 10 deeps breathes in through your nose out through your mouth.

Remember your wedding will be beautiful and something even the smallest thing is bound to go wrong and that is OK! Chances are no one will know except for you. We can always look back and say I should have or I could have, but we can’t change the past we can only alter our path in the future and live in the now.


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