Wedding Fitness Tips




Am I the fittest person alive? Absolutely not, but I would consider myself to be very fit. Both my husband and I played Varsity sports and love to be fit (it’s our ‘me’ time). We both enjoy challenging and battling against ourselves. But this isn’t the case for some people. I understand that a lot of people do not enjoy the gym – that is a reality! Sometimes a wedding is a great push to try and shed some extra pounds or to gain and tone some muscle. So I’ve prepared some tips/realities about fitness and health related to your wedding!

  1. Nutrition – this is the most key part to truly losing weight and feeling amazing inside and out. You can go to the gym 7 days a week but if you don’t modify your eating you will not see the results you want. However this does not mean you can’t have treats and rewards they just need to be limited. I never tell myself I can’t have something (this isn’t a fun way to live!) but I tell myself you need to work harder today in the gym or I MODIFY a meal. Don’t ever think you can’t have something, just know what you are eating and compensate somewhere for it!
  2. Alcohol – tastes so good, but so bad for you. I love wine, beer, cocktails (any of it)! But I know it is super hard on my body. So I’m going to shed some light. Coors Light has 140 calories/bottle OUCH! However, if you go to Sleeman clear its 80 calories and tastes like beer! So you can have 2 Sleeman beers for every Coors Light and a regular bottle of beer is 160 – 185 calories. Trust me you don’t want to know what is in a Cider…….. Instead of a vodka regular cranberry buy the diet so thats 60 calories instead of about 160, vodka water with lemon and lime or sparkling water is even better. Wine has about 120-140 calories per glass and there is no real way to cut back (skinny girl makes some lower calorie wine but they aren’t fantastic) I’m sorry wine lovers it’s tough! Just moderation again, change what you mix with, liquor is easier on your waistline!
  3. Gym – Cardio will make you lose weight all over, but the best way to lose weight more efficiently is to do interval training the more you change your heart rate the better! Start off slow 10 second sprint 2 minute low impact exercise. then go to 15 second sprint 1:30 rest etc., Weight training is a FABULOUS way to lose weight and gain muscle. For toning lower your weight with higher repetition and to gain muscle heavier weight with lower reps. I will do a blog on exercises later on. Also keep in mind it is so much more fun with a partner!
  4. Ordering Your Dress – Whether this is a bridesmaid, wedding, or mother’s dress order to the size you are now. As much as we want you to succeed and work towards your goals we want your dress to fit! Sometimes things happen and we understand life can get in the way, this is why we order to your size because we can ALWAYS take a dress in but very rarely can we let it out.
  5. Maintaining Weight – We really don’t like seeing this but on occasion someone will come in and their dress does not fit. This is super frustrating for everyone. So a couple tips to stay on track really is so count your calories to know what you are consuming. Albeit this is not a fun thing to do it helps keep you on track (fitness pal by Under Armour is amazing! Fitbit’s are also a great tool, and just super cool info with it!)

In the end we want you to be happy and for everything to fit properly. We love seeing nothing more than when clients come in and they tell us they have lost however many pounds! This is the beauty of weddings they can change your life in a million ways! I will create a couple posts on nutrition and workout ideas.



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