5 Twists on the Traditional Wedding Cake


cupcake cake     macaroon cake    white wedding cake    lavender cake

Who doesn’t love cake?  People who aren’t humans that’a who! Although you and your significant other may opt for a nontraditional cake (cupcakes, candy bar, cookies, ice cream, etc.,) this is still a fundamental component to any wedding. I have come up with some, if you will ‘twists’ on the traditional wedding cake! YUM. Keeping this one short and sweet but great to the point info!

1) Cupcake Cake – For many eating a piece of wedding cake is a symbol and gesture wishing the couple a happy marriage. Although nowadays this tradition is slowing gown people still want a piece of the cake. So a great option is cupcakes! WAHOO! A cupcake cake hah. Ask your baker to make a few sizes of cupcakes (mini, medium, and regular) this allows guests to enjoy a piece of cake at the size they wish to consume (less waste!). You can still ‘cut the cake’ by asking for a 6” or 4” topper cake (so you can still have the picture!)

2) Different Designs – To make your cake or cupcakes unique ask for a textured pattern or iced in multiple ways. For example the hydrangea, rose, dahlia, or the ice cream pattern.  This is a great way to create a unique cake!

3) Different Colour Icing – A great way to create a unique cake is to have a couple different colours of icing on the cupcakes! This looks super sharp and is a great way to have lots of interest on your cupcake cake.

4) Different Flavours – Adding multiple flavours of cake is a sure fired way for all your guests to find what they are looking for! If you want all vanilla consider adding a filling to the inside (strawberry, chocolate, raspberry, the list goes on!).

5) Candy & Goodies – Don’t like cake or cupcakes? No problem! Add your own unique twist with your favourite dessert(s). Maybe that’s a candy bar, cookies, bars, tarts whatever it may be have fun with it! If it happens to be all of these options, I will gladly accept an invitation.

Whatever your cake may be traditional or not as long it is your desires that is all that matters and your guests will appreciate your own unique flare!



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