4 Key Wedding Timelines

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There are so many details to remember for your wedding that it can be so difficult to keep them straight. I found a great tool to use was Wunderlist! You can create checklists and reminders for each individual item and there is something very satisfying about being able to check off an item! You have to make so many payments before your wedding (caterer, flowers, photographer, dress etc.,) and it is so hard to remember all of them and Wunderlist is truly a fantastic tool to keep you in check and make sure you are paying on time!

Although we completely understand that timelines can change very quickly for a variety of reasons, however, if your day is finitely set keep these 5 timelines in mind.

1) A Wedding Gown – When ordered a dress takes approximately 6 months to arrive. Why so long? These dresses are handmade in a variety of places around the world (Barcelona, Sweden, Switzerland etc., some here in Canada!) So this process takes a lot of time and if you think how many dresses are in production (up to 175) and the variety of sizes that they need to create this can be a lengthy process! If you are getting married in peak season (June-September) you need to allow for about a month and a half of leeway time for your alterations.

2) Bridesmaid Dresses –  Take approximately 3-4 months to arrive. This is due to the same reasons as wedding gowns they simply take time! For bridesmaid dresses allow about 4-5 weeks for alterations. *This applies to Mother of the Bride/Groom dresses!

3) Photographer – Book your photographer as soon as possible about 8months to a year before your wedding if possible. They are great for a reason and they are in high demand especially in the peak summer seasons!

4) Venue – If you would like a specific venue this can be tricky! If it is popular and in the popular months it could be booked! This is something that should be one of the very first things on your list. Why? Because this determines the feel to the rest of your wedding (flowers, your dress, food, decorations) all decisions are impacted by your venue.


Remember to keep calm and collected, as important as this day is and as the stress rises as your day creeps up, the show will go on and it will be beautiful 🙂 Don’t forget to keep some of your daily routines whether it be the gym, cooking, girl time, sports teams, couch time whatever it may be as it keeps your sanity! Want a specific list or advice? Just leave me a comment! I’m more than happy to share!




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